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  1. Ok, I know this is going to see sudden me being new and all, but while looking up info for my Anubi character I noticed that articles pertaining to the race and its lands are somewhat sparse. I was thinking of adding info to the wiki but wanted to make sure it was ok though since some of the additions would be pretty major.

    They would include:

    -The addition of an Anubi City-State in the Pwa Desert: Aki Tavis (The City of Bones) and a semi-independent unofficial nation of Anubai in the Pwa desert.

    -The War of Tears: A conflict just after the Anubi plague taking place in the Uhai Desert brought on by the disorder created by the plague.
    -The Battle of Aki Tavis: A conflict between the Anubai and the USR to force them into submission to the Council of Thirteen and stop the slave trade.
    -The Pwa Revolution: A conflict between the USR and the Anubai due to their refusal to stop using magic during the time magic was banned.
    -The War of Chains: An ongoing war (kind of like the War on Drugs in America) between the USR and Sawaj authorities and Anubai refusing to stop the slave trade.

    Sorry for the number of conflicts but the Anubai don't seem the type to resolve things peacefully to me.
  2. This is totally one of the things that Shadowlack, so don't be afraid of being new. :)

    I really like your ideas, and I think it'd be awesome to incorporate some, if not all of them.

    They really aren't, but at the same time, you have to remember that they have very diminished numbers. So many of their less peaceful protests would be subverted very quickly by the overpowering government. The Anubi end up doing a lot of things out of either ignorance, or tradition (stubborn with their views).

    Tell me a little more about your ideas for the Battle of Aki Tavis and the Pwa Revolution!
  3. I was thinking that the battle of Aki Tavis would be less of an actual battle and more of a siege of the city by the by USR forces. Neither side would really "win" since the anubi are too few in number to fully retaliate and the USR are unable to launch a fully successful campaign due to the harsh conditions and isolation of the region surrounding the anubi city.

    I was going to have it end with the anubi giving up thier slaves and allowing several ambassadors for the Council of Thirteen inside the city to make sure they don't break any laws in exchange for being able to self govern.

    The Pwa Revolution would be partially brought on from anubi resentment at having lost the first war to "barbarians". Like many criminals the anubi would use The Flux and the following chaos to act against the Council of Thirteen.

    Using mainly guerrilla hit and run tactics the anubi army would slowly chip away at the USR forces And sending spies to incite rebellion in other locations to divert the USR's attention and resources.

    It would end with a period of military occupation in Aki Tavis as the USR removed the hostile anubi leaders who had initiated the conflict and replaced them with puppet rulers setting the stage for further animosity.

    The main motivation for the anubi refusal to accept the Coincil of Thirteen as thier superiors would be their belief that their race is separate from and above all others.
  4. Oh and I know you didn't ask about it but the War of Chains would be carried out by many of the survivors and orphans of the first two wars. They would act more like a terrorist organization then an actual army using whatever means neccesary to restore the anubi race's former glory as well as trying to exterminate and enslave any non-Anubi in the Pwa desert and the areas surrounding it. They would also be trying to illegally import Jolacom to use against the USR.
  5. You've really spent some time reading the wiki!

    I think that the only one that we'd really need to think some more about is the Pwa Revolution. Given that the Anubi also have many holds in the Tmu Desert, there would be a possibility of some "Nulled" soldiers (The last paragraph about the Krokino Prison) available for their disposal in the Pwa Desert. So they may have been a little more equipped for dealing with magic-less fighting during the Flux.

    Although that also brings up a few more questions I think, as the Krokino Prison has generally been pretty accepting of the current government's rule. Maybe there could have been some Anubi in-fighting? With the tribes in Pwa deciding to remain loyal to the government as a whole, and the ones in Tmu attempting to separate themselves further? That would nix the possibility of Nulled soldiers participating, but it's another interesting thing to potentially consider.
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    That would actually tie in with the first conflict I mentioned: The War of Tears. I was going to have several of the anubi in Pwa be the descendents of the exiles who started and lost the war and who afterwords fled to Pwa. This would lead to resentment and a cultural seperation from both the anubi of the Uhai desert and the anubi of the Tmu desert who I figure will have also had some immigrants from the Uhai.

    This would also explain the territorial nature of the anubi in the Pwa desert as they'd be a lot more nervous than the other anubi about losing thier lands since they've already been displaced once.

    Edit: I was also thinking part of the animosity could be brought on by early culture clashes. Perhaps the anubi let in some other races into thier city only to have them proselytize thier religion and culture, sort of like what happened between the Portuguese and the Japanese.

    Also what exactly were the effects of the Flux? I'm having difficulty finding anything and that could potentially alter how the Revolution was fought. As far as I can see the Anubi would be fighting with magic since the reason they got into the war in the first place was thier disregard for the magic ban.
  7. This is all some really interesting stuff to think about. As far as the Flux goes, there is a summary of the plot event here:

    Fronima (the magic source) was essentially flickering on and off, so knowing how to fight well with as well as without magic would be pretty advantageous. The USR/Ramathian military actually conscripted a bunch of powerful mages (Suppressors) to essentially defuse and arrest individuals who were using magic illegally. I imagine that many of the Suppressors would not have had much knowledge/training when it came to subduing those who did not have to rely on magic.

    I totally am in agreement that some of the Anubi tribes would have completely disregarded the ban. :) It just would have been unlikely for any tribe in the Tmu Desert to disregard the ban, as many of them were helping to enforce it.

    Actually -- maybe that culture clash could be a big part of it. The Tmu Anubi could have been "tainted" by outsider religion/culture, and become the more progressive ones of their race. Whereas the Anubi in other parts of the world could have remained as "purists."
  8. Sorry for disappearing for so long. My computer broke and it took forever to get a new one.

    Looking back on these conversations I've come to realize a major flaw in my plan to have the city rebel during the Flux. With magic flickering on and off and no way to easily acquire Jolacom as I previously postulated due to poor relations with other Anubi the campaign would be very poorly fought. In addition to this I believe that I underestimated the effect the Anubi race's small population would have on theses conflicts.

    I think it would be much more reasonable if the city of Aki Tavis was extremely technologically advanced and constructed to repel all invaders. This would be much like the city of Israel in the sense that despite possessing a small population and minimal amounts of land the Anubi of the city would still be extremely hard to uproot due to their advanced technology and defenses.
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  9. Welcome back! Yeah that was sort of what I was getting at with their smaller influence. They're powerful - sure, but the Flux really messed up a lot of things for folks.

    I really like the idea of Aki Tavis being super technologically advanced though. It's possible that they even had massive old fortresses left over from when the Anubi were a powerhouse (prior to the disease that nearly wiped them out).

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