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    A topic for people to post titles of anime that they truly liked.

    For me its:

    Toppa tengen gurren lagann (Beyond insane but beyond worth the watch. XD)
    Fairy tail (Almost as insane as Gurren Lagann)
    Neon genisis evengelion (May just about confuzzle you)
    Last Exile (Epic air battles with airships and steamtech)
    Darker than black
    Ghost in the shell.
  2. I'm not quite sure which ones I'd call my favourites, but I've enjoyed the following (not counting movies) and then some. :)
    • Cowboy Bebop
    • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    • Black Butler (weird)
    • HarĂ©+Guu (weird, weird, weird)
    • Death Note
    • Ginga Densetsu Weed
    • Attack on Titan (ongoing)
  3. I know its a manga but
    Sazanami Cherry
  4. Ooh, I have plenty!
    First I'll second Neon Genisis Evengelion, Black Butler, and Death Note. All good, all fairly strange :p
    • Revolutionary Girl Utena: All time favourite, it's about turning gender roles on their heads, getting out of cycles of abuse and pretty much every character is some degree of queer.
    • Ergo Proxy: Great for Sci-fi lovers.
    • Ga-Rei Zero: The first 2 episodes are very violent and the main characters take over in ep three. Fun sword fight, fun destroying your emotions.
    • Star Driver: Very light in comparison to the rest of this list, just a good time with mecha suits, silly outfits, and ~friendship~
    • Chihayafuru: Classic sports anime on a not so classic subject. Also lite in subject matter but excellent in friendship, determination, and following your dreams. I get emotional at the end of every episode mostly with happiness which is a nice change from the animes that make you feel sad constantly! 2nd only after RGU in my heart :3
    • Eden of the East: Japan, conspiracies, spies. Or something like that.
    I think I'm going to have to get around to watching Attack on Titan to keep of with this seasons global obsessions!
  5. So I started watching Attack on Titan last night. Helped me realize my fears of being eaten alive are still going strong D:
  6. So this thread was posted forever ago but my roommate is like screaming the other room, skyeping his buddy while they play WOW.
    -Mega eye roll- :tear: So I'm not sleeping anytime soon. :/

    My personal favs:
    • I gota start off with Inuyasha. Its a classic. You ether love it or you hate it.
    • I can't believe no ones listed Soul Eater? Death the Kid and Soul Eater Evans. That is all.
    • Black Butler - LOVED Creepy Victorian Era Mystery w heavy sexual undertones. It's a trip.
    • Samurai Champloo- The artwork is phenomenal. I haven't fallen in love w the characters yet though.
    • Does Adventure Time count?
    • If you're looking for purely entertaining Ouran High School Host Club. No real depth but its funny, def a girl anime though.
    • Trigun- Epic, old school.
    • Hellsing- suuuper old school. Gore.
    I haven't been able to get into Fairytale. I've tried a couple episodes and it just hasn't griped me. :/
  7. I completely forgot about Ouran or maybe I hadn't watched it since my last post here, but yes, I recommend that, it's great. I wouldn't call it a girl anime though, all the guys I know who have watched it love it. It's definitely on the light side of slice-of-life / high school themes, just one that throws a bunch of stereotypical tropes on their heads which is what makes it great.

    Recent Animes:
    • Kill La Kill - Everyone was watching this for a while. I gave the first episode a shot but it didn't grab me. Might give it a try again when I have more free time.
    • Captain Earth - This is from a writer that I usually really like but again, the first episode wasn't enough to hook me. It's about 5 or 6 episodes in now I believe so if you like following things live I would recommend it. Given the writers history it will probably get weirder as it goes :3
  8. iiiinteresting. I love Ouran. ha ha good to hear that doods don't mind it. I always thought it would be like borderline obnoxious to the male gender. My bf was not a fan. ha ha

    So Titian is a yes? I've been hesitating on giving it a try....
  9. Attack on Titan is pretty good, although it's graphically violent. I wouldn't really recommend it to anyone who is squeamish. I'm really enjoying the level of intrigue and conspiracies that are getting woven into the plot though (I know a lot about what happens/should happen because I read the manga that the show is based on).
  10. Violent visually and emotionally really xD I wouldn't say it's the best or anything but it does deserve a fair bit of the hype that goes with it. I think I spent most of my time watching it waiting for Levi to show up because he was constantly in the art / posts I saw about the show. I am tempted to get into the manga now since I am interested in some of the wider plots and world stuff.

    As a bit of a heads up, I had to take a days break between the first and second episode due to how uncomfortable it made me (as stated, being eaten alive is definitely a fear of mine) but it got easier to watch after a few episodes :3
  11. Yikes. Yeah I pretty much have to check this out now.
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