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Thread in 'Hatchling Central' started by FridgeRice, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. Hello Shadowlack. Soo i'm a roleplayer of six years, and I really came here just because i'm looking for a new community and a new, fresh environment. I'm an avid worldbuilder and storyteller, and I find roleplaying is my best means of an outlet. I look forward to the experience here, which, based on this dancing skeleton :skeleton:, already shows promise as a good one.
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  2. Welcome @FridgeRice!

    The dancing skeletons really seem to know where it's at. I'm also pretty fond of the bouncing lion and hip-checking hamster.

    :excited: :hamster:

    What sort of roleplaying have you done in the part? Any particular genres and/or fandoms that you're drawn to?
  3. :rapine: I for one like these. :3 :janardan: did I mention I like foxes? XD:fox::paw:
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