Ah... Old player, creeping back from college.

Thread in 'Hatchling Central' started by Cawby, Jul 3, 2014.

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  1. Oh goodness has the site ever changed a lot... Anyways, hello!

    Shadowlack (Ramath-Lehi) was my first major roleplaying game way back in, ah, longer than I can really keep track of! I've missed forum RP stuff after a long stint on other formats, so where better to pull myself back into the fold? Anyhoo, feel free to call me Vic or Cawby, or pretty much anything! I swear I'm very friendly and for giggles there's an internet cookie to anyone who can pick out who I was back in the day (aka remembers my atrocious teeniebopper years and handles attached to them). Your hints: I was involved in the creation of a pendragon sub-species and this is not my first revival to the forum. Additional facts... I'm Canadian! Recently just moved to Victoria, I have a dog, two budgies, three siamese, and an aggressively needy baby conure. Baby's first menagerie.
    The cookies are peanut butter for the record, delicious, and I will be consuming them on behalf of anyone who guesses right, ahurrhurr.

    I like the color orange, scavenger type animals, scary media, and I'm in an ongoing feud with the ocean.
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  2. Hey Vic! Welcome back! Things have changed, but a lot of the same ol' cool people are here. :) Although there is a lot of lurking. I'd take a stab a guessing in order to have those cookies consumed on my behalf, but I feel that would be cheating somehow, haha.

    How's life in general? Did college treat you well?
  3. Hey! The forums are looking extra spiffy, which I think I can safely assume is your hard work at play? Life is pretty good at the moment--college was heck but also sort of fun in that masochistic how-many-essays-must-I-beef-this-week way. Glad it's done but glad I went and all that. I'mmm also engaged, but that's more on the boring side of things I think.
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  4. Welcome back Cawby! Congrats on the completion of college and your engagement!

    I feel like I should totally know who you are and now I'm just plagued with questions but feel like your pet collection should be enough of a give away xD

    What has the ocean done to enter into a feud with you? Is it the constant humidity?
  5. Surprisingly, the humidity is not a problem on the island. My issue with the ocean is more of... 'wow that is huge and awesome and awe-inspiring and I am completely convinced I will be eaten by something if I step into it past my knees.'

    That and an irrational fear/healthy respect for killer whales. Eesh.
  6. Ahha, that is the same fear I have of any large body of water. I'm convinced that large predators can be hiding in the smallest of lakes.

    I was just reading about the oldest orca in the world this morning. They are totally deserving of props and respect :3
  7. GRANNY IS AMAZING and I love her and also would love to respectfully admire her from afar on the land. I just finished reading about Luna, that one whale who had no pod and spent all his time hanging around with people to the point the cops were ticketing anyone who pet him... They're really amazing animals, just also... y'know, huge and intelligent and potentially terrifying.
  8. That sounds so sad for Luna T_T Like that poor whale with the 52 Hertz song. Whales can be so tragically majestic D:
  9. 52 Hertz is so heartbreaking. It's a big ocean and no one can understand what he's saying :c

    AH but then there's that pure white humpback whale they've been spotting recently--wrong species for a Moby Dick allegory but gosh is it ever pretty.
  10. Woot! Sounds good. I too am rather awestruck by the ocean, and I also can't name a time when I've ever gone in past my knees. I like being able to run and also see the bottom. Although that might be as a result of some residual trauma from being sucked into a bog that was masquerading as a creek, getting stuck, and losing shoes.

    I can only imagine what seeing whales is like (outside of a zoo environment). I've only seen dolphins in the wild. I wish I had easier access to the ocean though... being landlocked is a downer sometimes.
  11. Erf, after being on the prairies for the last decade and a half I can honestly say being coastal feels great. 15 minute drive to the ocean and I'm right across from a lake.
    Also I just realized my old account is still technically on the board I prrrobably should have checked that first. Puts head on desk and sighs.
  12. I miss having humidity. Alberta feels like a desert sometimes. I want to move anywhere but here. :P

    I don't tend to delete inactive accounts, although we are overdue for an account purge for "zero posters." That said, I do have the ability to merge two or more accounts together. :)
  13. Oh man, the humidity (or lack of) in Edmonton was murder. I'd go visit family in Winnipeg and come back and immediately be itchy. Doesn't help that they had hard water too...

    Sob, my other account is over at Reverse. I didn't even think to check if it was still around, given how long it was since I last slid over here.
  14. I really, really know the feeling. Growing up in Ontario, and being back there just this past week... then coming back to Alberta. My skin is screaming bloody murder at me.

    Merrrrrged. Be prepared to get bombarded with trophy points! :P
  15. I'll take humidity over dryness any day, ugh. 'Dry heat' is not necessarily a good thing.

    The alert for that was terrifying ngl .A. Thank you!
  16. Wah! It is you! :D
  17. SOB yep, back like a bad stink. Things seem to have quieted down a bit over here since I last poked my nose in.
  18. Yep, it's a little quiet. We've got far, far too many lurkers. Including a few who only seem to register in order to leech ideas, but c'est la vie. I haven't really advertised anywhere in well, ages. Mostly we're just the site that never dies. :P
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  19. I think I snipe one or two new members a year from Gaia as I try to make an effort to chat this place up whenever I converse with writers/RPers in hopes of bringing them over xD
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  20. Maybe what we need is a good old fashioned promotional month/week of some sort. ^_^
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