[Affiliate] Silverbard; 2008 Already?!

Thread in 'General Chat' started by shriker, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. Everyone please give a warm welcome to http://myth.backbeat-echo.net/forums/Silverbard</a>. They'll be joining Ramath-lehi as one of our new affiliates. So be sure to pop on over their and check out the site! :heart:

    Site Name: http://myth.backbeat-echo.net/forums/Silverbard — Myth IV</a>
    Genre: Fantasy
    Rating: General Audiences

    Site Description:
    Long-established fantasy RPG featuring magical, elemental species of wolves — from those that can fly and propel themselves from tree to tree, to those that live submerged in water. Adventurous, beloved, very active and original since 2004. Set in a magnificent haven from a vast, unyielding subarctic.


    So it's 2008 now... personally, I'm a little saddened by this. I'm one of those people who draws a horizontal line through my number sevens. Writing 2008 just won't be the same (nor as fun) as 2007. I'm sure I'll live though.

    Does anyone have any new year resolutions? I know one of mine is to finish college with my sanity (or what's left of it) intact.
  2. Welcome to our new affiliates! Pretty awesome site~

    And for 2008, I'm just focusing on finishing high school. And making plans for the rest of my life. Its an organizing year i guess. i need to procrastinate less. >.>
  3. I'm with you both on this =D I draw lines through my sevens ^^ And yeah, my New Year's Resolution is to be organized in all things. My room, for one, needs a heck of a lot of attention >>; No more procrastination for me!! ^_^
  4. HAhahah. my room looks like the results of a tidal wave.... >. >
  5. dude, i'm like already joined at that site *needs to reply to loads there* ^^' - O_O haha, it does has its charms certainly. My room aint too bad, its my cats playground ^-~
  6. Arg another year already where did that go anyway? Heh on the tidyness of rooms i blame my bro for the mess....

    new years resolutions; "Never to get over drunk again" and "To stop talking about myself so much (apparently its annoying)"

    Well i will check em out some time.
  7. Amazing roleplay with lots of fun people!
    I am still hooked here; even though I have been gone for a while :D

    Happy 2008 even though I'm super late!
  8. Holy snap. It's Zirrus. Welcome back. :p
  9. I used to be DemonicalJakkal then Changed to Katanya and here I am as Zirrus :D
  10. I remember you as both usernames =) Welcome back.
  11. Why thank you :D I needed to come back I missed this place too much. Now your stuck with me :D
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