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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by shriker, Aug 23, 2005.

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  1. Thanks Jodie & Kat :D


    I love the food icons. They make me hungry. The rapine one's pretty awesome too.
  2. Choco! Welcome to the Larvae club ^^ :larvae:
  3. *sits outside of the club, rejected by the bouncer in his spiffy ugly brown 70's disco suit* apparently Im not cool enough *up does his hair all disco style*
  4. *tacklehugsSinok* Who wants to join the ' Sinok' Club?! *raises hand!* Hehe^^ *starts making Plushie Sinok's*
  5. LoL Plusie *giggles*
  6. joins Sinok because shes also not cool enough oh well! at least there is still more of use regular members then them... right?.... right?! or maybe its a conspiracy! maybe their gunna destroy the world! ahhh! evacuate! woman and ducks frist! :duck: ,

    (quote: just because im paranoid doesn't mean their not after me!)

    hehhe just kiddin... congrates everyone once again!
  7. *cuddles everyone that joins him*
  8. I feel special ^^ I get Sinok cuddles ^^ :greyheart: :rainbowheart: :heart: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :cookiebitten: !!!!! :rainbowfire: *staresatrainbowfire....*

    I'm becoming an emotion abuser >.< *chucklesevilwhennooneislooking*
  9. :fire: Ohhhh, lookue at the pretty fire! *tries to touch it but gets burned.* BAD FIRE BAD FIRE!!! *puts fire on Sinok's head even though we all know everyone luffs Sinok.* LOOOOOOOOOK!!!!!!!!!! It's almost dragon-rapine like!!!! YEAHHHH!!! :rapine:
  10. *gets burned by the fire and runs around completely on fire...but relizes it no longer hurts him and walks around making some interesting jokes..walking to the sexy Phawkes*

    "Hey baby, im friggin hot!" :cookie:
  11. /spam

    Please keep all future comments related, thanks. ^^
  12. Aww, no chance of becoming an advisor until the flora database accepts entries.

    I have tons of ideas!
  13. sigh.... Its amazing how we strive to better ourselves.... I dream of PHP forums now, ah the boyfriend teaches mne coding.... everyone look afraid! Me and a forum...eek! oooouuu i have a capital in my name now! heh just noticed.

    :muffin: :rapine: :muffin: :rapine: :muffin: :rapine: :muffin: :rapine: :muffin:

    gongrats to the new advisors! *secretlywishesshewasonetoo*
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