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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by shriker, Aug 23, 2005.

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  1. :rapine: :other: :penguin: :rainbowheart: :tombstone: :greyfire: :aquafire: :fire: :death: :lilbat: :rabbit:


    And congrates Y'all!
  2. Uhm.. Yeah. XD I made these today. Random-ness. Don't have to add them, just wanted to show 'em off a little bit. =P

    <img src=><img src=><img src=><img src=> <img src=>
  3. WOW they are kewl, the wolf dragon rocks.

    Its winking at me :muffin:
  4. WOW! THOSE ARE AMaZING! I can't make emotions ^^; I could if i knew how... But i don't ^^; *tackles blue pendragon* SO COOL!
  5. xD Woooo. :heart: Thanks.

    I think I'm going to make a new thread.. I dunno if this should be here. =S
  6. Awe, those are really cute Phawkes. ^^;
  7. *pouts*

    I wish we NorthEasters got the Penguin instead of the star XD

    And kisshiney 'dragon mood...thingers Phawkes XD Luv em!
  8. [​IMG][​IMG]

    I made tails... Wings were done.. Faces were done... Tail was the next thing ^^ Ha Ha. :rapine: i really need to post now... I'm off!

    I need to find one of those Gif animation programs... I think i might have one...
  9. congrates everyone! *secretly envys everyone who got it* (did try and add and animal once took a month working on it... them my comp blew up... -.-' oh well! :) great going guys!
  10. *HugglesSD* It's alright. Maybe you could re-write it and once the fauna and flora section is up once again you can submit it from my computer. Of course if your computer is not up and running again... Wait, couldn't you ask your brother if you could re-write it on his? Hope you have a good nights sleep SD!
  11. My fave emoticon?

    That one, hands-down. To think that pixelled stuff can look more detailed than it really is. (I'll admit to attempting to edit a 32-bit sprite. It was VERY hard.)

    And well-done to those advisors. Yup, I said the same thing as everyone else. :P
  12. :O

    I was trying to log into my account for an hour! Seriously, haha.

    Congratulations Advisors :D
  13. Congrats everyone :)
  14. Aaah! Penguin! :rainbowheart: :rainbowheart: :rainbowheart: :rainbowheart: :rainbowheart: :rainbowheart: :rainbowheart: :rainbowheart: :rainbowheart: :penguin:
  15. Teehee! Lucky! They rocks :D :penguin:
  16. Just what is the wee lil green thing by your name? Is it a green moon? O.o
  17. It's a.. :larvae: Larvae. xD
  18. AAAAAHHH!!! *does the happyscreamingexcitementrunningaroundeverywhere dance* All my aquabat dreams have come true !!! Thankiieesssss!!! Gah. ^^ I gotta do something....Im a new critter...after sleep.....Weeeeeeeee....

    ----> :menlo: <---- Yeah ^^

    :sock: :lilbat: Phear the Sockbat O_o
  19. A couple more people have been made Advisors now. We're still sort of picking people though.

    And... that rapine pixel guy was hard to do, lol. Which sounds kind of silly since it's so damned small. He's probably my favourite one though... well, kinda. I like him, the Janardan one, the Menlo one, and a few others. *still has to make more*

    I guess a note to people that want to help make some new ones. Pixel width doesn't really matter, but for the most part, I've been trying to make all of the emoticons between 10px and 13px in height. It's kind of hard to notice at the moment, but all of them have a pure white 1px border around them as well. So my "working space" has been really tiny, lol.
  20. Cant you like make them starting at a good size then downsize em when your done? *wonders* But these have been beautiful so far.....i really like them exscpeially this one :other: LOL

    *throws a party and heres whose there* :male: :female: :female: :female: :female: :other:

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