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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by shriker, Aug 23, 2005.

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  1. There is now a new member group on Ramath-lehi called "Advisors." People that get slipped into this group are either veteran players, or have shown outstanding contributions to Ramath-lehi as a whole (whether that just be by being an active roleplayer, or through other means). I'm not quite done putting players into this new group yet, so expect to see a few new Advisors over the following week or so. Here are the "perks" of the Advisor group:

    + Can create 15 characters instead of 10
    + Ability to remove "edited by" text
    + More PM space (50 messages instead of 20)
    + Ability to mass-PM up to 5 or so other members
    + Ability to create and play restricted character species (Ooh, Aquabats anyone?)
    + Anything else we think of in the future.

    Congratulations to those who have already been made Advisors. :]

    Also there was a bit of "name cleaning" done today. Underscores, numbers, and I believe some capitalizations were changed. Sorry if this causes anyone confusion. It was just a forum aesthetic decision.

    Last but definately not least, I've been making some small pixel emoticons. :duck: I'm still in the process of making more. So if you have any suggestions for ones you want on the board (or have some you've made yourself that you want added), please let me know. There's already a neat symbol for Janardan ( :janardan: ), and also one for the game Menlo ( :menlo: ), plus a host of others.
  2. xD I looked at my name.. An I saw this lil' green thing and I'm.. What is that? I thought some user had like that little emote for a name. I was trying to click it for at least a few minutes. And then my profile kept popping up, I was so determined that I kept clicking every place possible within that emoticon. And then.. Eventually I started thinking it was some magical new addition to the site. Which ends my blond moment. *bows*

    Finally I checked here... And then woooooo. ;):P

    Thanks! :heart:
  3. LoL Sam had a blonde moment. whats with that little emoticon thing *click* *click* Dangit..i dont want your profile!
  4. Hey, that's some realy cool stuff gals. ^_^ :heart:
  5. LOL great work sam, lol congrates and stuff and to the others who i dont who they are yet but meh.

  6. Woo, congrats to the new Advisors! *claps* :pinkwing:
  7. Ha Ha. I was wonerding what the little new emotions were for. ^^ I was posting yesterday and i saw them. :duck: Yay for the ducky. ^^ You certainly have been busy Shriker! *giantthumbsup* ^0^

    Congrats to the new Advisors! *glompsthemall* >.<
  8. ha ha, the new pixels are fun. congratz to Sam don't know who the other advisers are, but congrats to them too!
  9. Just a quick note to everyone..

    The advisors are Chuya (Rika), pirateferret (Pirate Ferret), and moi Phawkes (Samara), and if more are added you guys can go to the Memberlist, and at the bottom you can search for the advisors and other member categories. ^^
  10. Congratz guys and gals
  11. Same blond moment here ^_^
    Except it took me more than a few minutes to figure it out...
  12. *is expecting a couple of people to become advisors pretty soon*
  13. *hopes its him* yeeeeeee *passes out*
  14. ^^ We all hope its us ^^ My gawd! love the emos! ehehe! :cookie: :duck: :greyheart: :rainbowfire: :sock: :glider: :fishie: :bluefire: :pinkwing: :pumpkin: :duck: :janardan: :menlo: :male: :female: :lock: :leaf: :larvae: :rainbowheart: :heart: :other: :tombstone: :greyfire: :aquafire: :fire: :dollar: :cookiebitten: :cookie: :rabbit: :death: :lilbat: ^0^ Fire ^^
  15. Aye, the site just keeps evolvin, keep it up! I'm enjoyin the direction RaL's going, and congrats to all the new Advisors!
  16. :cookiebitten: mmm emotes taste good....congrats to all new advisors
  17. I just added some more emoticons because I couldn't sleep. !_! Suggestions for new ones are still open. :rapine: :penguin: :pie: :muffin: :donut: ... etc, etc...
  18. OH! I love the Rapine Shriker! Wow, you are giong emotion crazy! I love the emotions! You are doing such a great job on them! ^0^
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