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    Mori, I can't believe that you are giving away your characters? Wow, I would take one out of the goodness of my heart, but I'm afraid I won't be able to handle it. I was only going to take six and I got six characters. (though two of them are still pending) Sorry, but good luck. ^^

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  2. no worries.

    eyeofthenyte - Tai has a seeable pet - like a cat with wings that follows her around - wait - yes she can be seen and heard by all ^-^
  3. o_O Phew! You people nearly scared me on the first page. The moment I read Mori was leaving I was like "WHAAAA?". Then when I read Mori wasn't completely going I was like "Phew, YAAAAYY!"

    Hmm interesting set of chars you're putting up for adoption, Mori. I would like to adopt one but as it is I have too many and I have no heart to give or delete away any of my chars. Sadz. :(
  4. its ok ^-^ but eyeofthenyte do you actually want Tai?
  5. *waves hand* I'm still willing to take Damien.
  6. i know - im just getting numbers to send ^-^
  7. Hi. I'm Shadow. I'm new here, but, if you want, I could take a character off your hands. It sounds like fun.
  8. sure hunni - which one would you like?
  9. Hmm. I looked at them, and, I really liked Tai. If, of course, she's still availiable.
  10. well because eyeof the night hasn't replied you can have her... but i'll wait two more days just to be fair then i'll contact you ok hun?
  11. Alright. No problem.
  12. ok if tais not gone by tomoorow to eyeofnyte - do you want her for definate?
  13. Yes, I really like her. She's interesting.
  14. I definately would like her! Very interesting and thanks for the clarification. :)
  15. Ahh. So, you must be the other one who wants Tai? Hmm.
  16. Yup yup!! that would be me.
  17. and eye here replied in time.. thats does means she goes to that account... sorry shadow >.>
  18. No problem! ^_^ What about Nykjek?
  19. no-one has wanted her yet : however she has two eggs and a partner... which is a very large responsiblity for anyone, even me >.> james is the best option... and hey you could always give him a sex change ^_^ that could be interesting plot wise?
  20. Well, for James, it's not the gender that's the problem. I just like Nykjek. She's...great. Besides, I don't mind a little challenge.
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