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  1. well things are coming to a standstill so i've decided all my characters (cept shadow - hes moin) need good homes in of which they will be roleplayed to the max.

    Adoptables:</a> - taken</a> - he's quite well off, and hasn't ever been played - he can be tweaked alot because of this.</a> - Taken</a> - Taken</a> - taken

    and i suppose the last thing is sorry to all im playing with but i have my reasons, and you better give them good homes or they all die!!!!!!!!

    heh staged deaths of course :P
  2. Well I couldn't let any of them die, but I can't fit them all...

    but I always have been envious of how well you wrote your charries(acually, envious of everyone)

    But I like Colt, not for the dorm space, but really for, like you put it, he's real cute like, not to mention I have a strong liking for blue charries^^;

    I do not want you pets to die, but when the admins wake up, I'll take Colt from ya.

    *hands you a doughnut*:donut:

    I'm too nice aren't I?

    BTW:If any of them have to die, Hirjep will be on the job.

    *cuddles Mori*
  3. yay ^-^ colts a real cutie so remember to take good care of him - one thing though - hes devoid of magic and cant do it - i'd like if he kept that ^-^
  4. If someone made him the way they did, I'd never mess with it.

    Like an antique.
  5. i'd mess with antiques >.> but its the only thing i want kept for the lil peach ^-^
  6. ... If nykjek isn't adopted and hirjep kills her, his life expectancy is going to decrease very rapidly.
  7. *snickers*
  8. If and when characters need to be moved, let me know, and give me the current player's #, the # of the player it's going to, and the # of the character as well. Thanks.
  9. i will do kattles ^-^ i'll pm you the stuff ^-^
  10. All right. :)
  11. by # you did mean number?
  12. I have Colt now, no worries.
  13. *Scritches chin* Hmm, well, Mori leaving RaL is a depressor
    *sinks into depression at loss of Mori*
    But I wouldn't mind taking in Damien. He got these kind of Kenshin-like feelings. *anime knowledge surfacing*
    But I wish Mori didn't have to leave *whimpers*
  14. *Cries*
    WWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH I dont want you to leave mori.

    well, if no one else will take nykjek, I will. This is only if no one else will take her.
  15. oops double posted

  16. notice shadow isn't up for adoption - silleh people ^-^ i'm starting _afresh semi wise.
  17. *holds onto the Mori* I would never let her leave! Im her kitteh! And a kitteh shouldnt be abandoned* purrs*
  18. I was going to say that, buuuut, I figured someone adopted him.
  19. It's a pity you are going. You were an ispirational player. Perhaps sometime you will beable to return.

    On a different note, I rather like Tai, she's an interesting sort. Have a some questions though, mainly reguarding Sakura... now... is Sakura something only Tai can see? It sounds like that when you said chemically induced mutation. Or perhaps the "chemical" linked their two minds? Sorry ^.^ my brain went off on a tangent after I read it all.
  20. HORRAY!!!!!! *spazzes in happiness cause Mori isn't completely going* This calls for YATTA! *plays Yatta.*(look it up if you don't know, It's funny)
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