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Thread in 'Game-Related' started by shriker, Dec 17, 2012.

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  1. As I'm really close to completing character creation and editing, I'd like to know if anyone had some requests for some additional fields we could add to character profiles.

    Height, weight, eye colour, etc.
  2. How about an optional image field for haunch tattoos?
  3. Oh! An option field for just any tattoos is a good idea O:

    I can't think of any others, the one I'm thinking of now can just be typed in the description. xD

    I'm so excited though! If I think of something I'll ask about it c:
  4. Maybe something about tattoos and specials markings, with an optional image field... sounds neat. Now to actually get these images uploading to the right places. :P
  5. LOVE. Definitely sounds AWESOME, yeah. xD

    I was originally thinking of like... a field for accessories/jewelry/clothing whatever? but again that... can just be put in the description.

    And I know that the pages have character icons/banners, but it would be cool to have a special place for art of the character, too? Like "Profile", "Relationships" and "Thread Log" maybe there could be an art tab or something there too? o:
  6. Sexuality field got dropped, it seems?
  7. @Attrius I'm still thinking about adding the orientation bit back. It's just something I haven't approached yet, as it has the potential to be vast (and in retrospect, I did it a little wrong to begin with).

    If I were to bring it back, it'd likely be some sort of sliding scale, or very generalized sexual orientations: Asexual, Homosexual, Heterosexual, & Bisexual. Then it'd be up to the player to further specify romantic orientations, etc. Sexuality can be a complicated thing. :)
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