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    Late Tessera
    Slowly, Aurius rose up from the depths of the Samundra Ocean. Bubbling foam and large whirlpools formed on the surface as the massive multi-domed city made its ascent. All transportation to and from the city had been completely halted as the transition was being made. Everything was going according to protocol.

    It was in downtown Aurius, within the city itself, where there was trouble brewing.

    With Fronima in a state of flux, it was the final Law of Magic that was sadly making the most sense. Law of Unpredictability: Magic (despite laws) is unpredictable and often dangerous.

    In a large classroom at the Adara School for the Young Thill, a group of nioitie were being watched over by their teacher as they waited for their parents. Many had been cut off from their families due to the freeze put upon transportation. It was apparent that not only were the niotie scared and upset – they were also bored.

    In their boredom and frustration, they began to quarrel. When the teacher noticed the escalating tempers, she stepped in to intervene. Despite the teacher's presence, a fight broke out. While the exact sequence of events that followed are unknown, the consequences of those actions were certainly known. One of the students, meaning perhaps to only scare one of her classmates with a spark of flame (a common niotie's trick), ended up with a massive ball of flaming magicka in her hands.

    She was thrown back by the sudden force of its appearance and the giant ball was shot forward. Had the teacher not been right there and within arm's reach, the situation could have been much worse. She was a teacher trained in dealing with the volatile magic of students, and even though this massive ball was well beyond what any student could ever produce (even a master would have had difficulty handling such energy), she stepped in boldly to deflect it.

    The Adara teacher was burned, and burned severely. However, she did manage to redirect the ball of flame ever so slightly. It hurtled (mostly) over her right shoulder and exploded through the eastern side of the classroom, taking out the entire wall in the process. Then it burned.

    Several students were injured. Their teacher was last seen in critical condition.

    Everywhere around the planet citizen's were finding out very quickly that there was a lot more to this flux thing. Oh yes. If these were some of the dreaded "residual effects," then everyone was in danger.
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