a little lovings' for Lamaria?

Thread in 'Game-Related' started by phylus, Nov 27, 2008.

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  1. i just want to have some fun and create ties between characters. having them meet up and be acquaintances is okay, but can become a little dry for roleplay.

    so i'm looking for someone to play... i guess, someone Lamaria is seeing.

    i'm not thinking lovelove. Lamaria is pretty much in love with Ploy but gets the constant reject. d: they could be neighbours, or past school buddies, or, worse, a client... just some sort of casual relationship that eventually evolves to more. somehow. c:

    we can plot from there.
  2. I think that Fautal would have a good relationship with her. He could have been a client after losing control of a demon and being posessed by it, he had to recover back to his regular self. The demon had left a good amount of anger and rage in him and he'd need someone with empathy that could help him recover from that incident.

    We could work from there. ^.^
  3. okay, that's awesome. ahhh, i love plotting. what sort of demon, pray tell? -bounces on-
  4. It was a particularly powerful one. It posessed Fautal because it felt that it was the best way to gain power. Fautal at the time was in a fight with a character named Xavius Archeron and was pretty badly wounded. It sensed Fautal's will to survive plus it found a desire for revenge inside Fautal, and to achieve that Fautal has to gain more power. With the combined power of the demon and Fautal the demon could kill Xavius and gain whatever powers he had, which is pretty vast. After being posessed by the demon Fautal wasn't used to such power being transferred into him and another being entering his body. It left him with a little portion of the demon's emotions, mostly anger and rage. As for a name for the demon, I haven't thought one up yet.
  5. ohoo, this could turn into something fun, but also really dark. i can imagine Fautal and Lamaria getting into some pretty nasty fights. i like a little bloodshed here and there in my roleplays, heh-heh-heh.

    did Fautal end up killing Xavius? if not, then what makes the demon leave him?
  6. He doesn't. The demon left him because the opportunity to kill Xavius had passed and will be reserved for a later time because Fautal was really wounded after Xavius and his initial meeting.
  7. okay! want to start a thread? and see how it goes (:
  8. Sure, I'd love to! ^.^
  9. oh, sorry. that was me asking you if you'd want to start with the writing of said thread ^^
  10. Ok, I'll start as soon as I can!
  11. oh, no problem! i'll reply shortly. (: just busy this week.
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