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Thread in 'General Chat' started by Kattius, Nov 5, 2006.

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  1. xDD I'm sure Uroret would be more than ahppy to be thrown out a window.
  2. And beal would be more than happy to do the throwing
  3. Alrighty then, now that we have volentiers what do we need next.
  4. Lawl xD

    This is gonna be soooo fun =P

    A bar brawl sounds fine, but i'd have to think up a reason for why Tamara'd be in there in the first place :/ Well, maybe I can make her all manic-depressed and such, since she hasn't gots a job and she could be in there for a drink or something XD Not that she does drink...*shifty eyes*

    Any day is fine, but I probably won't be able to reply on weekdays...
  5. i would suggest in Bhim somewhere. and Beal could start it he is kinda an exsessive drinker
  6. A bar is fine. Rajjun isn't a heavy drinker, but, does prefer the strong taste of liquor from time to time.
  7. Wait are you in need of a cook? because razor is a cook
  8. now thatll be good ur cook gets kicked out of his old job cus of the brawl
  9. Yeah, we could do with a cook. :D By the way, I'm going to start writing this now. ^^; Found some free time. I'll work out a description of the Renegade soon anyway...

    By the way, does anybody have anything against me leaving the roleplay open to anybody that wants to join (although I'll ask them to PM me about if they want?) because I can see the possibilities for a large crew here. XD;
  10. i wouldnt mind
  11. As long as, if we do end up fighting undeads, that there are some NPC crewmembers to die. 'Cause undeads are strong, and only the above-average (I.E., play characters) stand a real chance against them... aye? :)
  12. Well, at the moment I'm writing the bar brawl one, and I've pointed out that Rochidra's crew is dwindling (i.e., that's why she needs new members), so we could probably kill off the rest (or the majority of the rest) of the NPC crew members in the ocean fight. 'Cause the undead are, of course, pretty dangerous. Considering they're already dead.

    EDIT: The roleplay is http://shadowlack.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=5545over here</a>
  13. Well we could have one of the main characters captured during the fight, just a suggestion.
  14. We could. And then some crazy attempt in which they try to save said captured person? Depends on who wants to be captured (although I should really make Omarit before then...)
  15. Oh and sorry if it sucks a little im still a bit rusty. But yea its up to you personaly the idea sounded a little strange to be but it will give us more to work with.
  16. Well, we can work that out when we get the the ocean fight...
    Ehhh? :)
  17. great so i start the brawl? i'll just have a fight with my boss after he fires me in front of everyone.
  18. I know its a little late to post this but ill see if Sarunus can introduce himself in the form of pulling out guns like a phyco. if anyone has a problem with it then just tell me and ill edit it.
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