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Thread in 'General Chat' started by Kattius, Nov 5, 2006.

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  1. You know what that sounds like a good idea only one problem what is Sarunu's place in the crew ganna be?
    Oh and del where is this RP ganna take place?
  2. Um... in the ocean?

  3. well i was planning to make Fey's brother cus in fey's prof his brother went to the military so if i make him he could be a captain of a anti-pirate ship
  4. heh, kay.
  5. Yarr! *runs around impatiently* I wanna use Uroret! Seriously, he's... sorta... rusting. ^_^;;
  6. Its been a few mounths since I have RPed so im a little impatient myself.... can we please hurry things up!?! Im realy bored.
  7. <table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (Adelos @ Nov 12 2006, 01:19 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> Get WoW. </td></tr></table>
    lol, I read this right after finishing rfd :3

    but yes, we do need to hurry it up
  8. I got Wow already, but my mom needs help with somthing every 10 minuts becuase she is doing a lot of work in her room so its hard to realy get anywhere.
    But lets stay on the topic at hand im sure we will have plenty of time to talk about WoW later.
  9. i would suggest a random bar brawl in bhim for the first meeting of all the crew members
  10. Bar brawl? LOL, its always good to start things up with a good fight! But yea good suggestion, any other takers? Oh and kattius please give us your thoughs about these ideas I realy wanna see how you will react to them.
  11. Jap isn't a brawler type, so he'd end up watching and maybe taking bets...
  12. Despite Rajjun's powers, she's not a weak type. She loves a good fight every now and then.
  13. I've been caught up with stuff and I'm apologizing. I will get a roleplay going sometime soon (I've got to write a birthday present for my friend on Thursday, and I'm out tomorrow and it's late for me now, so Friday maybe?) but I'd like for somebody to clear some stuff up. xD; Please. I'm really bad at taking everything into account.

    So, for our first meeting of all the crew members, we want a bar fight? Rochi doesn't normally take part in such things (she can give a pretty good lashing if she wants, but she finds it more amusing to sit and watch), but I'm sure she'd find it interesting enough. :P I'm assuming you all want me to start it, so, any suggestions and ideas? Rochi could, of course, be looking for new crew members to hire and the rest of her crew are there for a drink, and one of them inadvertedly starts a bar fight?

    As for the fight in the ocean? XD; What are we doing for that, because that sounds mega hella awesome? :D Yeah, I'd love to hear your ideas and stuff.

    x_X; And sorry for late replies and stuff. Ergh,I need better time management.
  14. Well, Sam could certainly be the one who uhm...starts the brawl. :p
  15. YAY! I like the idea of the bar brawl. Sounds fun. Uroret would like that. ^^ He'd also be likely to get very drunk, though, so his crew members would need to drag him out. XDD
  16. Well, if she was watching, she may be able to strike up a conversation (and maybe take a bet or two up.)?
    Uhm... yeah... As for the naval battle, I'd probably have Jap rocking some faces with his gun... Oh, and just so we're all aware... Dead pirates are tough stuff... Mhm... Waaaaalking deeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddd...

    Mhhhm... yep yep... yep.

    A boat full of undeads. :D

    EDIT: Oh, and I got a sweet idea of how Paushlatt can get away after the pirate crew wins.
    Think about it.
    He's undead.
    Think about it... serious. :P
  17. Well how about Saterday, becuase im the class winner of this reader's digest thing and the grade contest is on friday. Im realy nervus about and i need to keep my mind focusted on the contest instead of the RP. But if friday is the only day your ganna be able to do this then just start it without me and ill just join a few hours after school.
  18. Well, Aria doesn't normaly fight, or go to bars. Maybe, like, someone get's thrown out the window into her passing by, that's be fun :D

    Who wants to get thrown out a window :D
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