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Thread in 'General Chat' started by Kattius, Nov 5, 2006.

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  1. Well, I finally got around to creating my pirate, Rochidra Gwynervier. She's a Captain of her own ship (I'm going for the airship sort of look - it's very mechanical and can fly), but I need crew members for her, so I'm wondering if anybody would like to join up? We can either have a roleplay where she recruits your 'dragon, or we can just go ahead and say that they've joined.

    At the moment, I've got Rochidra for navigating (and leadership), and Kimothy's character, Uerot, is also part of the crew and has cheating (I think) and jewellary expertise. However, I'm still in need of a pilot (to fly the ship, dun dun der dun), and I'm pretty sure we could do we some more crew members in some way - bribing, forgery, fighting, swimming, all of those might be pretty helpful trades.

    So, does anybody want to join? ^^; As for Omarit, the first mate that's mentioned in the profile, I will end up making him sometime. I think.
  2. Could Beal join it would help with his prof u no make it make sense
    and you could have some fun with his slightly odd talents
  3. If you're going for airship, Aria could be the ship mechanic :D and if you don't want her, Gavan needs a life, and a ship could be just the thing he needs to work with.
  4. What about my Tai? She needs something to do.
  5. Jap is a master pilot, though he'd only be involved if there's a spot on this larger ship where he can dock his fighter, the Akaihane.

    Jap is a crack pilot, best of the best, ex. military, mysterious, yaddaa yaddaa.


    Considering he does the mercenary/bounty hunter thing, he can certainly be hired.

  6. Sahmes would sign up. However her talents are a bit...unusual. Maybe she could be the ship shrink or something. ^^; Or perhaps she'd volunteer to record the adventures of the ship and crew? (If that's even permissable). If not she could just be another lackey!
  7. Eeek, apologies for not replying straight away. I've been busy. x_x;

    Fey'yore - Sharpshooting would most definitely be a welcome skill, along with daemon and darkness lore. I'm sure Rochidra could use those skills to her advantage. He'd be a welcome member of the team.

    Draconan - I forgot about a mechanic! xD Yes, Aria would be a most welcome addition. Gavan too, if you wish.

    Shadow - Tai's skill of shapeshifting would probably benefit Rochidra, particularly as shapeshifting can help them get into places they might not be able to get into otherwise.

    Adelos - I'm not quite sure about the size of the ship yet (it seems to range from absolutely massive to smaller than it should be in my head :S), but I think there probably will be somewhere for him to be able to dock it. Or at least, there could be, if you'd like for her to employ Jap. After all, she does need a pilot.

    Sprocket - :D Nice thought, that. I think recording the crew's tales might be good, as long as it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.
  8. one tinsy question wat does the ship look like
    as in i dont no kinda the airship from ffx or ragnoroc from ff8 cheers for the reply only wondering wat the image in your head is like ^__^
  9. Yarr! *swipes random sword around* I was wandering when you'd get around to making Rochi. And I assume Uroret is still very welcome?
  10. But if Jap doesn't get paid, he'll ditch without warning. >:3
    Keep it in mind.
  11. Fey'yore - Uh... at the moment (and I need to work it out, really) it looks like your standard stereotypical pirate ship, except metal and floating. ^^; Although an airship of that sort would be far more interesting.

    Kimoth - Of course. :P Uerot is always welcome.

    Adelos - Aah, well, we shall have to make sure he is paid then. :)
  12. Yep. If you'd like it RP'd as well, he can teach piloting to some others... I mean, he has a master rank, eh? ^.~
  13. So, when is this ship/rp being created? Tai's ready for an adventure, as always. lol. =^_^=
  14. mmm, yes, I'll use Aria for a main crew member, you can hire Gavan off/on if you do so please :3
  15. and Beal is always ready for some actionany idea about ranks or um
  16. Arrr! >=D Pirates! Awesome XD Would you mind if Tamara joined the crew? I need an excuse to roleplay her *gigglesnort* Perhaps she could be the ships lookout? Plus, she could fly alongside the ship for whatever reason =P
  17. <table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (Raven @ Nov 10 2006, 04:24 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> Arrr! >=D Pirates! Awesome XD Would you mind if Tamara joined the crew? I need an excuse to roleplay her *gigglesnort* Perhaps she could be the ships lookout? Plus, she could fly alongside the ship for whatever reason =P </td></tr></table>
    Elemental summoning. Make some water elementals pop up to hold the boat being attacked in place.

    *shameless brag* I suggested that trade ages back...
  18. Good idea, Adelos! =D
    And I love you for suggesting it XDD
  19. Hey, you said Tai's shapeshifting could be useful, but, I just created a new character. Her name is Rajjun. Maybe you should check her out.
  20. Raven - The more the merrier. :D

    Shadow - Ooh, Rajjun might be helpful as well. Illusions, and what not. Interesting character.

    Adelos - That would help as well, because if he does end up ditching (for whatever reason) then at least somebody else would know how to pilot. XD

    So, how does everybody else want to do this? Who wants their characters to already be on board and part of the crew, and who wants to have theirs hired?
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