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  1. I thought that it was about time we made this particular thread "official" since it's had so many reincarnations throughout the life of this board.

    So, tell us, what song(s) remind you of your character(s), or other peoples characters for that matter?
  2. Character: Artist - Song - Album

    Del: Dragonforce - The Flame of Youth - Inhuman Rampage
    Jap: Moby - Extreme Ways - 18 (The Bourne Supremacy)
    Paush: Cradle of Filth - Mr. Crowley - Nymphetamine
    Blink: Kansas - Dust in the Wind - Dust in the Wind
    Sly: Rise Against - Give it All - Rock Against Bush

    And for the up-and-coming character I'll be making once I get my activity back up:
    Stratovarius - Night Time Eclipse

    EDIT: Added album names.
  3. Drac: ~Song Name Unknown~ - Savage Garden - Their Debut Album
    Tleg: It's a Beautiful Life - Ace of Base The Bridge
    Aria: ~Song Name Unknow~ - Artist Currently Unknown - European Techno
    Thela: No song as of yet
    Neveeve: ~Song Name Unknown~ -Ace of Base - The Bridge
    Gavan: ~Song Name Unknown~ - O-Zone - Album Name Unknown
    Quebeh: No song as of yet
    Dewlap: No song as of yet
    Telea: No song as of yet

    There ya go :3
  4. Fey: Shiva space technology - (Shpongle), Angelic particles - (Hallucinogen)
    Ty'cus: Useless - (Depeche mode), Knights Of Cydonia - (muse), House of the rising sun - (muse)
    Beal: Im alive - ( Disturbed), Angels with snipers - (InMe), Fade to black - (metallica)

    can never remember the albums
  5. Dumu: "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" - Randy Bachman.
    Shanu: "The Rhythm Of The Night" - Interphace (Because I could see her dancing to it ^.~)
    Ivumo: "Asche zu Ascha" and "It's My Life (techno remix)" - Rammstein and Bon Jovi.
  6. Wyndle: Temperature - Sean Paul. I could TOTALLY see her listening to it while she practices Acrobatics and stuffz :musicnote:

  7. Quenetym: Three Evils (Embodied In Love And Shadow) - Coheed and Cambria
  8. Character: Artist - Song - Album

    Cilea: Sick Puppies – All the Same - (none)

    Maeanu: James Blunt – Tears and Rain – Back to Bedlam

    Eka: Roisin Murphy – Ruby Blue – Ruby Blue

    Malvin: Vitamin C – Money – Vitamin C

    Kazul: Rusted Root – Send me on my way – When I woke

    Cilea/Maeanu: Wicked – Defying Gravity - OST
  9. Empebepoul azsju-sajjatsjeul: "Iris" by The Goo Goo Dolls
    Fenrisulfr Ragnarök: "Better Life" by Three Days Grace
    Leehara Sislon: "Ich Will Dich" by Melotron
    Lisad Meheletn: "Darkness/Influence" by Neuroticfish
    Omvyjsomusa Uppekseymt: "Knife Called Lust" by Hollywood Undead
  10. Jaceen Lapices
    "If I Fall" - Aqualung
    "No Rain" - Blind Melon

    Kakosenas Shriker
    "Ice Queen" - Within Temptation
    "Bonecracker" - Shocore
    "Gutter Glitter" - Switchblade Symphony
    "The Crow Song" - Galaxee
    "Glider Rider" - Trace
    "Animal I Have Become" - Three Days Grace
    "Here I Go Again" - Mandaryna

    Koani Grader
    "Poison (FNP Remix)" - Groove Coverage
    "Never Win (Mirwais Remix)" - Fischerspooner
    "A Kick in the Teeth" - Fischerspooner
    "Take Me to the Hospital" - The Faint
    "Let Go" - Frou Frou

    Cayson Lapices
    "Everything We Had" - The Academy Is...
    Pretty much any Darren Hayes song.

    "So Cold" - Breaking Benjamin
  11. Is aqualung an actual band? O.o ^_^

    Kwerty~"Speedcore Sunday" - Sektone
    Ygeusa~"Lawn Wake IX" - The Flashbulb
    Rupret Vyuni~"The Irony of Chaste" - Yoshihiro Kusano, Tetsuya Ohuchi{From Guilty Gear}
    Vematta~"Haven't You Got Eyes In Your Head?" - Daisuke Ishiwatari, Koh-ichi Seiyama{From Guilty Gear}
  12. Muerrin
    "Let Me Go," CAKE
    "Wrapped up in books," Belle and Sebastian

    "Adelaide," Old 97s
    "Evening on the Ground," Iron & Wine
    "Ruby Falls," Guster
    "Careful," Guster

    "Waiting for October," Polaris
    "Cero y Uno," Café Tacuba

    Wewt. I like this game. :heart:
  13. atti.
    we're in this together now by nine inch nails
    haunted by poe
    cleanse song by bright eyes
    first day of my life by bright eyes
    bullet with butterfly wings by the smashing pumpkins
    zero by the smashing pumpkins
    love by the smashing pumpkins
    disarm by the smashing pumpkins
    untitled by the smashing pumpkins
    tonight, tonight by the smashing pumpkins

    all my life by the foo fighters
    get over it by o.k. go
    rearviewmirror by pearl jam
    the unforgettable fire by U2
    spaceboy by the smashing pumpkins

    dogs by pink floyd
    first we take manhattan by leonard cohen
    devil in the details by bright eyes
    the hand that feeds by nine inch nails
    street fighting man by the rolling stones
    the end by the doors
    blindfolds aside by protest the hero

    bittersweet symphony by the verve
    wonderwall by oasis
    bodies by the smashing pumpkins
    classifieds by the academy is...
    la mer by nine inch nails

    shiver by coldplay
    iris by the goo goo dolls
    five-and-a-half minute hallway by poe
    ship in a bottle by bright eyes

    the fragile by nine inch nails
    put your money where your mouth is[/i] by jet
  14. Corvus Blackscale
    Main Theme: Firebird Suite by Stravinski (Fantasia 2000 version)
    Night on Bald Mountain
    Mars The Bringer Of War by Holst
    Conquest of Paradise

    Phoenix Nitefire
    Main Theme: Crimson Thunder by Hammerfall
    Anything by Falconer or Dragonforce.

    Luna Whitewing
    Main Theme: When We Dance by Sting
    Anything by Sting.

    I have another char in the works that is inspired by Falconer's 'Mindtraveller'
  15. Ayres Dyma: ??? -- ??? -- ???.
    Sharkly Grieves: John Lennon; Nobody Loves You (When You're Down & Out); Wonsaponatime.
    Darwing Lerepton: Oingo Boingo; Weird Science; Dead Man's Party
    T.K. Jaun Pavi: ??? -- ??? -- ???.
    Khodan Spinner: The Boy Least Likely To; Be Gentle With Me; The Best Party Ever.
    Melisande Spinner: Yann Tiersen; La Valse d'Amélie; Amélie.

    Still need to find songs for Ayres & T.K. o:
  16. RaL Characters

    Mage - Turn the Page - Metallica
    Mesaph - None x.x

    Black Shuck Characters

    When Your Gone - Avril Lavigne - Next Best Thing
    I Hate (Everything About You) - Three Days Grace - Three Days Grace
  17. Korif: Unkle feat. Richard Ashcroft - Lonely Soul (if any of you have seen it, it's from one of the Assassin's Creed trailers)
    Primus - Fisticuffs

    Viriathos: Andrew W.K. - We Want Fun
    Bob Dylan - Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
    Placebo - Where Is My Mind
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