What languages are spoken on Ramath-lehi?

The languages are listed in order from most common to least common.
  • Common (Spoken by pretty much everyone)
  • Ramathian
    BBCode enabled. «Shet et fhus sha RRKypa lyyct leca. »
  • Ykili (Spoken by the Yki)
    BBCode enabled. «Nuyf, nuyf, nuyf, nuyf... »
  • Anubian (Spoken by the Anubi)
    BBCode enabled. «Nuy oii iuuz ieza ieppia odpc gxuj ym baxa. »
  • Aquabatian (Spoken by the Aquabats)
    A series of clicks, squeaks, and weirdness.
  • Takola (Spoken by the Takula)
    BBCode enabled. «!'s #~shrs. »
  • High Speech (Of the gods/goddesses)
    You won't find this on the site though since it's a secret.
  • Rapine (Rapine)
Jan 31, 2013
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