Are Ramathians born with their magical abilities?

Yes and sometimes no. When brought into this world, the vast majority of Ramathians will discover that they have some sort of innate mental connection to Fronima (particularly male Pendragons and their tail-flames). Oftentimes this is where the association stops.

For some Ramathians, tapping into magic is easy and can be seen as almost effortless. Others find it to be more of a skill that they have to work and practise at each day.

While there is no minimum age at which a character may discover their magical talents, there is a stigma attached to those who develop them at a later age, or do not develop them at all.

Ramathians who display absolutely no magical talents by the age of 24 are generally labelled as "nullfires," and Ramathians of royal blood are particularly ostracized. Royal bloodlines are often seen as specimens who exhibit exemplary prowess in magic, and a nullfire in the family is considered a great insult.
Apr 5, 2013
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