Colour Contrast Checking

Want to know how readable your text or the colours on your signature are? Check here!

Contrast, contrast, contrast! Good contrast is just one key component to good readability in design and one of the most basic design principles. When creating character post tables (aka "post scripts", or whatever it is those newfangled kids are calling them these days), and site layouts, it is very important to maintain good contrast. Although this page is specifically about colour contrast, the principle of contrast is not simply limited to colour. It can encompass visual separation, size of elements, and even alignment.

This page will help you determine whether or not two colours have high enough contrast in order meet the readability requirements of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 issued by the W3C. Simply enter in two hexadecimal colour codes and the script will score them for readability.


Foreground Colour: Background Colour:

Contrast Score

Color Difference: Pass (540) Should be greater than 500.
Brightness Difference: Pass (181.6) Should be greater than 125.
Luminosity Contrast: Pass (10.48) Should be greater than 5.


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