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feminine (female)


Primary Trade:
Animal Breeding, Journeyman
Secondary Trade:
Seduction, Journeyman

Out of Character


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Zara Angeli

  • Bestial
  • Feisty
  • Gorgeous
  • Knowledgeable
  • Robust
  • Seductive
  • Tenacious
  • Description


    Zara is a gorgeous Pendragon who has always treasured her looks. She has intricate tattoos covering both of her arms made up of swirls, lines, and shapes. While these markings may look to simply be abstract art it has been said that they are embedded with magical power and will reveal more under the right circumstances..

    She has a feminine, robust body and takes care to keep it that way as she prizes her strength. Her ears are long and soft, much like the mane/hair that drapes down to her mid back. Her look is complete with light blue eyes and beautiful feathered wings which was, apparently, the inspiration for the last name Angeli.


    Zara is what one might call bestial.. She understands the "finer things" in life and has just found that they don't interest her. She uses a lot of behavioral cues and is quicker to lean in to sniff than she is to ask a name. These non-verbal interactions tend to lead people to underestimate her ability to comprehend more complex language.. She can speak and does freely (especially after some Nujeq).

    She is feisty and tenacious. She loves to try new things and is always looking for the next big adventure. Z harbors a lot of knowledge-- Especially about flora and fauna.


    The Angeli family have been nomads ever since they can remember. Zara moved around most of her young life with her parents traveling to different locations to learn about the plants, animals, and races that occupied the spaces around them. For the last few years she has been traveling alone while visiting all the major cities her family was seemed so careful to avoid.

    Pet Breeder

    A breeder and seller of pets. Lonely? Not anymore.

    Art of Seduction

    .. Are you looking at me?! Good.


    Mostly bite, some bark.
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