Primary Trade:
Aerokinesis, Master
Secondary Trade:
Archon & Light Lore, Master

Out of Character


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Yathera Dothrai'lyn

  • Agile
  • Charismatic
  • Creative
  • Cunning
  • Graceful
  • Knowledgeable
  • Lithe
  • Description

    Yathera is a stunning creature of intelligence. Her mind goes beyond the boundaries and this knows no bounds. She is constantly wanting to learn things and is generally found snooping through scripts, books, anything she can get her claws on. Her known strengths is her expertise in Aerokinesis and the Archon & Light Lores. Yathera's coat, like most of her kind, is stark white like the color of the purest of snow. She does not have much markings and the only visible markings are the tribal tattoos, which are the purest of blues, amongst her body. She is fox-like in appearance and has beautiful feathery wings. The Yki is not as stocky as most of the females of her breed. In fact her body is more lithe like and built for speed; but have no fear she still trains to be the strongest just as the females of her tribe is known to be. She decided a long time ago to travel to build on her knowledge and because of this, her fur is not nearly as thick and fluffy as her Yki brethren. She does have a slight fluffy short tail. Like her brethren species, she does thread her fur into slight locks, twisted in bright colorful beads. Yathera wears silver earrings, three to be exact, along her ears and a beaded necklace of rainbow colors around her neck. A couple of silver bracelets around her forelegs and back legs as well. Most say the most stunning about the Yki is the color of her eyes, which are the most beautiful of blues, the colors of the ocean itself seem trapped within them.
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