Ex-Pirate / Organized Crime Specialist


Primary Trade:
Illegal Artistry, Master
Secondary Trade:
Navigating, Master
Tertiary Trade:
Machina Technology, Basic
Quaternary Trade:
Tactics, Basic

Out of Character


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Xairyn Skcallidin

Ryn, 'Three Skull Skcallidin'
  • Alert
  • Arrogant
  • Beguiling
  • Rational
  • Shrewd
  • Stalwart
  • Tenacious
  • Description

    Xairyn’s appearance provides her with a permanent look of disapproval, but this is rarely a true reflection of how she’s feeling. As an ex-pirate and criminal organizer Ryn has a surprisingly calm and cheerful demeanour that she grew into with her older age. In her younger years she was known for her cold and calculating temperament that made her well suited to a life of crime. What she never grew out of was her dark sense of humour and love for the sea.

    What Xairyn feeds on is power and competition. Retirement didn’t sit well with her as she no longer felt part of the larger scheme of things. She knew she couldn’t break her legal agreement to get involved with the illegal side of things so she made the switch to working on the side of the “good”. At least while working as a contractor she’s able to put her criminal thinking to use, in a somewhat reverse manner.

    Friends are something that Xairyn holds in high regard but has had very little experience with in her life. She’s more used to exchange relationships; money for supplies, money for information, money for protection. This is why she has a harder time trusting “clean” members of society than punk kids she meets on the street. She understands desperate motives and craving for risk and danger more than motive of wanting to be someone who completes an arbitrary check list and moves up in society.

    Ryn isn’t afraid of a battle of the wits or of strength but she isn’t one to go looking for a physical battle. She much prefers to attack her enemies over time, weakening them by wearing them down mentally and economically. However if an incident did come down to a fist fight Ryn has a secret weapon; a robotic hand. Having lost her hand due to a gunshot wound in her twenties she took a quick interest in mechanics and robotics and eventually built her own new appendage. This interest led her to have some of the most mechanically advanced and experimental ships on the sea.

    Like the aardwolf that Xairyn is modeled after, her personality also has some similarities. She isn’t one to hunt large prizes; instead she’d rather take pleasure in displacing 200,000 termites. As a professional pirate she focused on one ship at a time, quick hit and run attacks that were enough to disrupt regular life but not big enough to institute large scale changes. At least not until she started longing for a new challenge on more distant horizons.

    Xairyn was born and raised in Onthaios, a once prosperous import/export town. However over the course of her childhood the city was neglected by the economy and slowly fell to financial trouble. Being a coastal city fallen on hard times, it became an easy target for local raiders and pirates. The encounters were never disastrous but enough to affect the lowest levels of society, creating a very large lower class. Xairyn watched this all when she was young and instead of devoting herself to revenge against criminals ruining her city she became one of them.
    Years on the sea led to the construction of her own crew and control of a piece of coastline near Onthaios. She became a bit of a Robin Hood figure to the locals, doing her best to misdirect supplies bound to other cities, to her own. From the ages of 19 to 44 Ryn slowly became one of the most wanted pirates of the country and after she expanded her reach, the world. During what some call her “Years of Hunger” she left the gulf of Boreios Sudesha and the nearby comfort of the Krishna Islands, setting sail with her small fleet to Bhim, where she made contacts with other crime syndicates in order to gain more power and influence. How much of her previous commitments to her natal city she kept, are still up for debate, and most curious journalists are unable to get more than a simple comment out of the ‘dragons who still live in Onthaios.

    Xairyn nourished a rich web of contacts in Bhim, creating a land based crew that helped her gather information and supplies. At the peak in her pirate career she established an embargo on a section of coastline between Bhim and Manshuk to prove that she could. She robbed large cruise ships and left distress singles lying around to distract local military forces. Tired of having to put up with the trouble and chaos that she was inflicting the International Security Force offered her a pardon for her crimes if she promised to put a stop to any and all of her criminal activities. At the age of 44 she took it, on the basis that she would not disclose the identities of any of her criminal contacts.

    The schemes and disruptions stopped and there was a lull in sea fairing crime for a few seasons. Xairyn attempted to a live life a retirement. It wasn’t for her.

    In less than a year she had contacted the same ‘dragons who had pursued her for years and asked if they had any need for her expertise. She quickly became a regular contractor working on cases of organized crime that gave the government and military a hard time. She still refused to name names of her previous life, but she is rumoured to still use and protect these contacts on a regular basis.


    Still has influence in some key criminal social networks.


    Once a pirate, always someone who loves travelling by water.


    Sporting a mechanical hand she likes to be suited with the best technology.
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