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feminine (female)
USR Medical Officer (Tguka Division)


Primary Trade:
Healing, Journeyman
Secondary Trade:
Machina Technology, Journeyman
Tertiary Trade:
Medicine, Apprentice

Out of Character


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Deciding to have a career in the USR was one of the best decisions of my life. Dec 19, 2012
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  • Discerning
  • Disciplined
  • Genial
  • Graceful
  • Lithe
  • Rugged
  • Description

    At 5'8", Valekesi is a tall and heavily toned 'dragon due to her military training. She possesses a brilliant sun-yellow pelt that she is most certainly not afraid to get dirty. Her hands and feet look as though they have been dipped in violet paint. Valekesi’s hair, which she often wears up while she is working, is her primary source of vanity. While she often refers to herself as a tomboy, her hair does not quite fit into that stereotype. It is a cool baby blue that has been meticulously dyed so that it fades to purple and then bright red at the very tips. Her eyes, which can be found underneath messy bangs, are primarily blue with a few tinges of green.

    When not in military standard issue garb, Valekesi can often be seen wearing clothing that is muted in colouration (browns and greys) to offset her yellow pelt. Almost always her clothes are too big and ill-fitting (unless she’s trying to get someone’s attention).

    Valekesi grew up too fast, having learned some heavy lessons early on in her childhood. When her options had appeared to run out, Valekesi turned to the USR for direction. They welcomed her (a little grudgingly at first), and made her one of their own. Valekesi’s strong drive and compassionate nature drove her to study medicine. Throughout the years that followed, Valekesi expanded her skill set to include some minor ship mechanics. If it was broken, whether it was living or a machine, she wanted to fix it.

    On a personal level, she often makes others uncomfortable with her forward nature and sly smiles. Valekesi can be loud, brash, abrasive, and sometimes says things without fully thinking about their consequences.


    • Self-proclaimed army brat. As far as she is concerned, she did not exist before she joined up with the USR.
    • Lost her older sister at a young age and still feels partially responsible for it.
    • Although technically a Lukuo, Valekesi hides her mutations with ill-fitting clothing. As a result of this, she will not let anyone physically touch her.


    She has the heals if your character needs them.


    She works for the space division of the government.
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