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feminine (female)
Botanist (Apprentice to a colonial botany researcher on Cussla. Frequently hopping from the Gate, to the two moons.)


Primary Trade:
Botany, Journeyman
Secondary Trade:
Elemental Sorcery, Apprentice


Unknown (Presumed Dead)
Unknown (Presumed Dead)
Khuyt Femdt (+8 yrs)
Suro Crali (Skylink/Absent Player)

Out of Character


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Tyolt Femdt

Never thought that Botany would take me to space. The Gate is pretty intimidating... Aug 15, 2015
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    Facial Structure: Fennec Fox / Short muzzle / Large ears
    Eyes: Yellow / Feline / Slitted pupils
    Nose & Pawpds: Dark gray / Black
    Skin: Peachy flesh colour
    Hair: Previously long brick red / Recently cut to shoulder length / Slight wave
    Fur: Medium blue / Average length fur / Longer on cheeks, neck, chest, elbows, crotch, thighs, calves and ankles (due to some Yki ancestry.)
    Wings: Medium blue at base / Fades to baby blue / Large and feathered
    Hands/feet paws: Round feline shape / Retractable claws
    Tail: Fox-like / Rounded tip
    Tattoo: A small flower is tattooed on her right upper arm
    Height: 5'1"
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Extras: Wears reading glasses when working or reading / Wears a silver locket around her neck that has pictures of her foster family and brother in it.

    (more coming soon)

    Tyolt and her brother grew up in foster care until her brother was old enough to be responsible for the both of them. He moved them from foster care into their own home, leaving with good relations with their foster family. They aren't sure exactly what happened to their parents but they have heard many stories of the troubled village that they were taken from. Her brother, Khuyt, doesn't talk about what he might remember and Tyolt was only 3 years old and too young to remember anything. She is much more focused on the future, the family she has, and making a difference in the world somehow. There is no point in pondering on the past when the future is much more vibrant to look at.

    The one reminder she has of a past forgotten, is a thin faded scar that runs from her left shoulder across her chest to the base of her (now) right breast. She doesn't remember how she got it but was told that it was fresh when she and her brother were taken from the village and was treated at a hospital in western Swaraj. After that, they were put into the care system to hopefully find a new home and family. They lived in a care facility with other young 'dragons from different walks of life. The home was run by a couple, who helped their charges find responsible families. It was a decent place in Tyolt's eyes and she grew up around many friends. Khuyt had different feelings about it but didn't think it was inherently a bad place, he just wasn't as receptive to it all. Most likely due to being old enough to comprehend the prior events in their lives and to know that they were not with their real family anymore. They stuck together like glue though, even when they moved to their foster family when Tyolt was 5.

    Tyolt and her brother were pretty inseparable until Tyolt hit her teen years. She was always a very quiet and shy noitie with a love for the elements. She studied Elemental Sorcery until she was 16, just becoming an apprentice and realized that it wasn't quite what she wanted to do with her life. She still uses her knowledge and skills in that field to complete small needed tasks here and there but she no longer actively studies it unless it has some sort of relevant need to her current studies.

    During her studies she became quite enthralled in the world around her and found herself looking at Botany classes at Janardan. She was behind on her basic studies of the trade and set out, delving into every book she could find on the matter before consulting the faculty of Janarden to allow her to enter into a new field. Her passion led her much deeper then basic knowledge and Janarden Academy was happy to have such a well informed and dedicated student join the academy. She was happy to take a few basic courses to appease the faculty and some review tests on the subject matter before jumping into work design for her age group.

    At this point, she moved her small selection of belongings, most of them books, into a dorm room to have better access to the campus and its amenities. This was a pretty rough transition for both her and her brother as they had really never been apart, always relying on each other for support and company. Khuyt was proud of her accomplishments and encouraged her to go. They visited one another regularly until he took on a job that required a lot of travel. Now they communicate almost exclusively through technology, seeing each other maybe once every couple months or so.

    Her schooling lead her to many different facets of interest in the field and to many short term friends. She jumped around a lot, learning whatever she could and somehow still managed to have an active social life but none of the friends really ever stuck. Most were friendly and they hung out when they had classes together but things always died down in the following semesters when everyone went off into specific classes in the branch of study. The only one that seems to really stick, was her best friend and dorm mate for the last few years of her apprentice training. They no longer live together as they moved dorms in their first year of Journeyman studies but they are always seen during breaks and at the local hotspots together, catching up and 'nerding' out about their studies.

    After becoming a Journeyman in Botany at 24, she started looking for possible jobs to take while continuing more of her schooling. A few opportunities came and went, while a part time teaching assistant position for one of the botany teachers at Janarden had opened up. It was a pleasure to field questions and help younger students learn but teaching wasn't much of a strong point for her. She felt mostly awkward and while it was overall an enjoyable experience, she decided that it wasn't for her, and left the post to a more able minded assistant after the first semester.

    A few months after turning 25, an incredible opportunity made itself known to her. She had been following the events and happenings of a few Botanists on Ramath's moons for many years. She had attended a few seminars on the planet, lead by these scientists on related matters on their moons and how they wanted to improve living situations for all who called space their home. At one of the recent seminars she had gathered the courage to ask some questions during an open Q&A session with a handful of the researchers. One of the Botanists, Leva Rysumi, the lead researcher on Cussla, seemed thoroughly impressed. Tyolt was curiously given a contact to Dr. Rysumi's planetary office and told to call and leave her contact info in the next few days. Dr. Rysumi had given Tyolt a smile and a nod as the older Thill had gotten up from the panel table and left with the company of her colleagues.

    Of course, Tyolt called her the next day and left the front desk a message, feeling as if she would spew the contents of her lunch into the phone from how nervous she was. She received a call back, had an interview organized and as Dr. Rysumi put it “Blew her away” with her quick thinking and thoughts on the current matters of their moon colonies. Tyolt was offered a job and excitedly accepted. She would be Dr. Rysumi's assistant during her stints on Cussla. She came back regularly to present information and research at seminars but she spent most of her time between Cussla, Xabu, and the Therscatra Gate. Dr. Rysumi's team was very small and with the problems sometimes later then them, they all found it hard to keep up with everything that needed doing. A fresh mind was what she wanted and Tyolt had intrigued her. She would be granted a 3 month stay on Cussla, priority access to the portal system if she traveled with one of the lead scientists on their excursions and that time would be used primarily to get her familiar with the safety and living protocols in space. She would meet the team, do some simple tasks and if after 3 months, she seemed like a good fit, they would hire her on for a longer stay. If she didn't find it satisfying work or didn't mesh well with the team, after that 3 month period, she could choose to leave.

    Coming soon!

    -Suspected Yki ancestry somewhere along her family lineage. The cause of her fairly long and insulating fur. Due to this she avoids clothing unless its simple and loose.

    New artwork coming soon.

    New to Space

    New to the space colonies and looking for some friendly folk to show me around.

    For Flora's Sake!

    Journeyman Botanist in space! Time to (badly) moon walk my way to Mastery!

    Home From Afar

    Seeing the planet in a new light. Currently stationed on Cussla.
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