Primary Trade:
Acting, Apprentice
Secondary Trade:
Crafting, Apprentice

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Thridder D81

  • Creative
  • Energetic
  • Friendly
  • Gullible
  • Ingratiating
  • Na├»ve
  • Robust
  • Description

    For an aquabat, Thridder is quite large of frame, but by pendragon standards she is simply curvacious. Her fingers and toes are webbed, as per her aquabat blood. She also has a webbed spade at the end of her tail, and a small flap of webbing that goes from her chin and down her neck. She has three sets of webbed spines that protrude from her jaw and link to the tips of her ears, creating two webbed fans on either side of her head. She has dull greenish coat, similar to the color of murky water, with the fur on her back being slightly darker than that in the front. She has dark mustard yellow blotches along her shoulders, forearms and haunches, as well as some freckly markings along her nose and beneath her dull, light purple eyes. Her mustard colored hair is medium length and grows down the center of her head, falling forward onto her face in a single unkempt lock. She has a youthful round and dimpled face with a irresistible endearing smile.

    Thridder is a very hyper and active aquabat. While she is incredibly social and loves to interact with people, she also spends a lot of time alone, mostly in order to explore and play. She is a pendragon of simple joys, and will spend hours simply following sea creatures around, observing the sights of nature, or playing with sticks and rocks. While around others, Thridder is very talkative and engaging. Thridder has a very joyful and child-like nature that can bring a smile to anyone.

    Thridder is also uncannily obsessed with socks. She has an unnerving amount of sock accessories. She also has her own collection of hand-made sock puppets. Thridder goes to school, but also works at a local daycare in her free time, using the opportunity to flex her puppeteer-ing muscle.
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