Primary Trade:
Climbing, Journeyman
Secondary Trade:
Hunting, Journeyman

Out of Character


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  • Agile
  • Bestial
  • Dexterous
  • Dignified
  • Ignorant
  • Robust
  • Tough
  • Description

    Thr!Sksh is on the large side of average, by the reckoning of his people. A hunter of the VejaTci tribe of the Vivuli Jungle, he stands at a height of seven feet and seven inches, and is built solidly with broad shoulders and a thick, strong tail tipped with a yellow flame. The scales that cover him are a vivid orange banded haphazardly with rich dark burgundy, and vertical-pupiled reptilian eyes peer out from his long, slender face. Thick quills of dark mahogany line the backs of his forearms and lower legs, while longer, finer quills sprout from the top and back of his head. Bright feathers of varying length are tied to these head-quills, and hang in bright shades of yellow, purple, and red. The large, hooked claws that tip his hands and feet shine like polished black obsidian.

    He isn’t clad in much other than his scales. A long-tailed loincloth of brightly coloured woven fabric snakes around his hips, hanging past his knees in the front and back, and a thick leather strap crosses his chest; if his spear isn’t in his hand, it is secured across his back by this strap. He also carries a dirty cloth satchel slung the opposite direction across his chest, crossing with the leather strap over his sternum.

    Pronunciation: Thir-CLICK-Skish
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