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feminine (female)
Weapon Specialist and Inventor


Primary Trade:
Elemental Sorcery, Journeyman
Secondary Trade:
Fighting, Journeyman
Tertiary Trade:
Weaponry, Journeyman


Rluknyym Kleams

Out of Character


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Temrin Sanjem

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    Old description is old :/ beware

    (Old Description)

    Temrin has fur as black as a crow feathers, glossy and well kept. (The reference shows gray for the sake that drawing in black decreases the amount of detail shown.) She is fit and busty from her warrior days. Those have recently changed. She's settled with her lover but still carries a weapon with her wherever she goes. She has a fancy for a gun she engineered which is capable of morphing for different uses. She has a scar that runs from the right side of her collar bone, down the center of her chest, to just below her ribcage. Even though it was magically healed, the scar still is noticeable and no fur grew back over it.Her hair is of a gray blue shade and is usually tied at mid back with a white ribbon. Its long, running down to her thighs. She has two long bangs that hang to the sides of her face at the front, not tied back with the rest. She has a set of skeletal or draconic wings on her back. They used to be feathered but after being attacked and bitten by a vampiric creature in her late teens, the feathers began the shed, leaving her with leathery skeletal wings, with a few feathers still hanging to the joints. Her eyes resemble ice and the whites of her eyes are the same colour as her iris, very light icy blue, while her pupils is a darker shade of that same colour.She is more of a canine feline mix, showing little draconic ancestry. She sports a muzzle that is a mix between fox and wolf (Ethiopian Wolf), long pointed ears (Serval Cat), and a very long and fluffy canine tail. It is just shorter then her body.The only obvious dragon ancestry she carries is that of her serpentine tongue and the furless insides to her ears. Her skin is actually blue and as such, her pawpads and tongue are shown as this colour. When cut, the inner tissues of her flesh are of pinks and human tones. Her claws are the same blue as her pawpads as well as her nose.She was a weaver of the elements before she was turned into a creature of the darkness (Vampire.) She now uses her heightened senses and strength, from being a vampire, in her fighting. She is able to transport herself to different places using shadows, but this takes a lot of energy to do so, and if she's exhausted while trying, there is a chance she we will loose herself in the power and disappear from current life, bits and pieces of her body and soul to drift in fronima from which she summons power.Do to her vampiric state and an event that happened while trying to save a friend, lost to his own mind, Temrin has a demonic state. Her fur turns a brilliant white, while her eyes glow a bright red. Her tail splits and becomes a double, furless, draconic tail. Red stains her white fur where her tail splits and where two straight horns protrude from the back of her head, streaking her blue hair a dark red. DEMONIC REF:[​IMG]

    Personality: Temrin is easily annoyed, but keeps her cool. Under the rough exterior, she's a trustworthy and loyal friend. Also a romantic at heart, but has a hard time expressing her feelings publicly. She would fight to save those around her with all her strength. Its hard for her to find peace of mind. Fighting has been her life and now, somewhat settled with her mate Rluknyym, she longs to fight. Though, there has been a lot of action in the group of friends.She's been known to act rashly now and again. She still carries her sword with her wherever she goes but has seldom the need to use it with her new projectile weaponry. She's taken up the hibby of tinkering and learning about weapon mechanics. Enhancing and creating new weaponry for herself and learning to harness certain powers within machines.

    Sparring Partner

    Need to let off some steam? Test your skills and see how long you can last.

    Choose your Weapon

    Looking for something unique? If i don't have it, i may make it. For a price.

    Blood Bank

    Willing or not, someone may end up as her next feeding victim.
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