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Primary Trade:
Animal Breeding, Journeyman
Secondary Trade:
Dream Weaving, Journeyman

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Tabijo Yeren-Belor

'Asem', 'Iaem', 'Rajni'
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    Tabijo has more names than he can count, and has a hard time keeping track of them, himself. This is in part due to his inability to tell the truth--or at least the whole truth. A compulsive liar, Tabijo nonetheless weaves his tales well, and it's hard to catch him in a lie--particularly if you don't know him well. The mere mention of one of his names brings a history to his mind, and he plays those names as easily as he plays himself. It's all part of a grand orchestration that allows him to express himself in any way he wishes, while keeping his true self pure. This habit is rather hard for him to explain to the few who know the real Tabijo; it's impulsive, and he's spent his whole life cultivating his many different personas.

    When you get to know the man behind the lies, Tabijo is charming and expressive, always having some interesting adventure to share. His creativity knows no bounds, and he tells a story so well it's hard not to believe him at least a little bit. He's a hit with children, and enjoys their company as much as he enjoys that of the animals he breeds. Though a liar, he is an honest arden--and fair in his trades. He's a likable person to some degree, with nary an ounce of a darker side; rarely angry, never violent, and attentive to the needs of others.

    In some ways he's suave and charming, particularly when talking to the ladies. He's the kind of arden who enjoys their pleasure more than his own--making them laugh and blush just because, or bringing gifts to the ones he cares about just to see them smile. He is an easy-going romantic, and often finds more beauty in the simple harmony of nature than any fancy get-up or technological advances; he loves the world and her people for who they are, not who they could be.


    Residing with the Tsyjnaudla tribe on the southern end of Sucam Island, Tabijo is more accustomed to a slightly warmer climate than his Northern cousins. His fur is long, cloaking him in such a way that he could pass for a terran Yeti if he wanted to. His fur is mostly a creamy white, with the only visible markings being the streaks of color throughout. Red, purple, green, blue and yellow cover him from head to toe in small increments--sometimes no more than a few hairs at a time. It's believed this is a hint to his mixed heritage, though it is apparent that his Yki genes are for the most part dominant. These odd markings make him appear rather more colorful than he is, at least up close--from far away he is more white than anything.

    When you stand back and look at him closely, these markings all originate on his spine, traveling in an upside-down V pattern from the base of his tail all the way up to his neck. The markings curl around his sides along his ribs, but leave his underside white. The color appears again on his face, along his jaw and around the outer corner of his eye to his temples on both sides. It darkens considerably along the top of his head and down his neck into his hair; this is the most colorful marking on his body.

    Tabijo is less sophisticated and more feral, from manner to dress. Though he can put on the show of a high-class arden, when he is more himself, he would prefer to run about in a loincloth--or nothing. His sense of humor is crude, and his toothy grin reveals fangs that are not exactly as white as his fur. His wild nature becomes more apparent when he's in his 'full tribal garb.' Colorful beads and ribbons are tied into any fur long enough to braid, and the numerous tattoos on his face present a frightening picture when combined with those on his chest and arms. The hair over these tattoos is carefully shaved, so they might stand out more against him.

    He keeps his hair in thick braids most of the time, colorful and bright as the rest of his fur is not. Woven into each braid are strips of hide, with bells, beads and even seashells tied onto them. Despite the vast number of things that clink together or ring when he moves, Tabijo is capable of being silent when he wishes to be; though how exactly that's possible is anyone's guess. His mixed heritage is achingly apparent in his eyes, which have no pupil. Rather, they have a glazed sheen to them, as though he might be blind though the iris is colorful--and can be changed at will.

    Tabijo is a skilled shapeshifter, and prefers walking on all four legs; as such, when he stands upright he is still hunched over, and when he stands still he is in more of a crouch. Moving on two legs is no more awkward to him than moving on four, but he does lack a certain grace when he tries the former.


    Tabijo's history changes every time he talks about it. He'll tell you he was raised by wild animals one day, and that he spent his childhood with an exiled Yki the next. In reality, none of these are true; he grew up in the Tsyjnaudla tribe with a loving Yki father and his Lukuo wife. As such, Tabijo was occasionally looked down on for being a half-breed by some of the more traditional tribe members; but everyone who counted loved him, and he didn't let the rare snob get him down. His father was the tribe's High Seer for most of his childhood, and taught Tabijo the art of Dream Weaving, though since the Flux he hasn't been able to practice it. His life was thoroughly uneventful until he was apprenticed to a Kiom-Weshib who specialized in animal breeding and training, and taught Tabijo the gist of both.

    Tabijo's worst problem--his compulsive lying--showed itself early on, most often to his mother as he told her fantastic stories of what had transpired that day. She encouraged his creativity, and by the time his father realized there was a problem, Tabijo had grown almost incapable of telling the truth. His best method of communication became an elaborate system of lies that had to be worked out one at a time in order to even possibly understand what he was trying to say. When he was apprenticed to Eisu, he began to grow out of that habit--the Kiom had no appreciation for liars, and demanded Tabijo be honest and fair in all matters.

    When Tabijo was twelve, his mentor passed away; Eisu had been very old and wise, and his presence had soothed the young arden in ways his parents simply couldn't. Eisu's oldest apprentice took up Tabijo's education, though his knowledge of things outside animal husbandry was limited at best, and Tabijo was forced to look for other teachings. The arden also wasn't the best to take Eisu's place, and Tabijo found himself taking care of the animals on his own, while his supposed mentor did other, less productive things. Tabijo's father taught him to read and write in both Common and Ykili, as one of the few members of the tribe who even spoke Common. Tabijo came out a more learned individual than some of his peers, and put all his knowledge to use in Eisu's menagerie. The corrals, and the business that came with them, were soon given to him as the best of Eisu's pupils; he has run it ever since.


    Tabijo goes by the name 'Asem' when he prefers to be secretive or mysterious to the 'dragons he's conversing with; in places like Bhim, Asem makes a frequent appearance. He is Tabijo's more volatile persona, and can be quite intimidating most of the time. Asem has a secret, however; though he can talk a big game, and make convincing threats, Tabijo is still something of a pacifist, and he has a hard time backing up his words. As such, Asem does not make an appearance often outside the shadier deals--and Tabijo is quick to leave Bhim when something occurs.

    'Iaem' was the last name of Tabijo's mentor Eisu; when the arden wants to convey a professorial, honest persona, he takes this name for himself. It is to remind himself of Eisu's strict moral values and his code of ethics--both hard for Tabijo to stick to as himself, thanks to his compulsive disorder. This is one of his more complicated personas, for 'Iaem' is, essentially, telling the truth about himself--but Tabijo isn't. Iaem is the one most often dealing with customers, and many of Eisu's old clientele believe that 'Iaem' is the kiom's son.

    'Rajni' is the most whimsical of Tabijo's personas, and the closest to his real personality. Tabijo portrays Rajni as he would act himself, without his disorder; all feral grins and wild antics. He has the best adventures to talk about when he acts as Rajni, and some of them are even true--up to a point. Rajni is the character Tabijo plays when he's out hunting new animals for his menagerie; slipping into this mindset allows Tabijo to be more alert and vigilant, and calms his often frantic thoughts to focus more on his tasks. Sometimes Tabijo can think of himself as Rajni and still go by his real name--a rather effective way around his bad habit, which allows him to tell the truth most of the time. Until he begins thinking too much about it, at least.
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