Primary Trade:
Archon & Light Lore, Master
Secondary Trade:
Daemon & Darkness Lore, Master

Out of Character


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Saleuxe Craxavettr

Why would a former mage live in a place away from Fronima? Well, wouldn't you like to know? May 10, 2014
  • Dignified
  • Flabby
  • Genial
  • Insightful
  • Knowledgeable
  • Reflective
  • Robust
  • Description

    The first thing people notice about Saleuxe would either be her physique, or the colours of her fur. In the case of the former, she is roughly average height for a Khell, standing at about 2.2m (approx. 7"2'). She is also overweight, though her muscles have long since adjusted to be able to comfortably carry her weight; thus she would be best described as "stout". Having such long fur visually amplifies the effects of both of these, and thus she tends to look slightly larger than she actually is.
    Speaking of her fur, it is a vibrant golden colour reminiscent of honey... save for a single, rather large and rather noticable dark streak on her face. This streak covers the area around her left eye and goes around the side of her head, trailing off just before it reaches the back of her head. This is actually what remains of an old scar, left from a violent attack by a rival Khell thill that damaged one of her eyes; she chose to get a skin graft with differently-coloured fur as a tattoo, as a reminder of the incident - and to send a message.
    Both of her eyes are blue, but her left eye is noticeably paler than the other. Rather than resort to buying prosthetics from the Adamaints, she decided to simply wear corrective lenses, and thus is almost never seen without a pair of glasses.

    Demon worshipper?

    Supposedly worships demons and archons, and calls on them for power.


    Has a tattoo on her face, showing off an old scar from years ago.


    A former high-ranking member of the Ramathian Mages' Union.

    Condemned heritage

    Rumoured to be descended from a noble family that almost wiped out the Khell race.

    Icebergs to Space

    Moved to Therscatran Gate after living in Trilok for most of her life.


    Fluent in Common, Ramathian and Khellakh.
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