Primary Trade:
Fighting, Journeyman
Secondary Trade:
Sightless Fighting, Journeyman

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Rucibon Xarix

Working a double at The Rage. Aug 16, 2014
  • Agile
  • Alert
  • Clever
  • Commanding
  • Disciplined
  • Intimidating
  • Nimble
  • Description

    Rucibon was a shock when he was born to a ultra-traditional couple. The shock was that the small hatchling, blue like a pool of mountain water, black banded twice around his muzzle and a small white tuft of hair atop his little head to match the white tail flame, as cute as he was had four arms gloved up to the forearms in black fur. This sparked a great many arguments between his father and mother, G'larl and Revna, about who brought the impurity to the family. Eventually the fights split them up and Rucibon bounce between households.

    Over the years as the nioti grew his cute clumsiness became a bit more of a hazard. Coordinating four arms was difficult at best. His father decided to get him started in martial arts to learn control and coordination. Once Cib, as he was affectionately called, got used to the extra appendages he excelled quickly in several styles. His mother wanting to make sure he wasn't a lumbering blockhead so she attempted to get him tutored in Ramathian and all of the proper courses. He was an average student except for in languages, much to his mother's disappointment.

    He was in his teens when the tuft grew and a narrow track of white shock of hair ran between his shoulderblades up to his head but it's rarely seen since he keeps his hair long but usually bound in some way. The blue fur around his neck and shoulders grew a little longer as it did on his black gloved forearms. He also sprouted like a weed and was nearly his full grown height of seven feet and one half inch tall. Over the tall frame grew a well toned form topping him out at two hundred twenty-five pounds.

    Since finishing his formal schooling he found work as a bouncer at several clubs but is currently employed at The Rage. Secretly, Cib saves to start his own dojo. The idea was first suggested by a friend at one of the dojo's he attended. That friend, who happened to be far better at speaking Ramathian, went on to join the military leaving him to find his own way when he was rejected. Cib now leads an exciting nightlife.

    While working Cib can be seen wearing cargo pants of various colors, usually of the khaki variety. He also wears various necklaces of silver chain, obsidian, and hematite to name a few. Most were gifts from patrons. On his right wrist he wears a natural amathyst bead necklace wrapped several times around. It was obviously a woman's necklace but he doesn't talk about it.
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