Primary Trade:
Dream Weaving, Journeyman
Secondary Trade:
Enchanting, Journeyman


Faa Shikon
Romaria Shikon

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Rajjun Shikon

  • Creative
  • Dexterous
  • Empathetic
  • Insightful
  • Lithe
  • Observant
  • Patient
  • Description

    Physical Description: Rajjun has thick, soft fur white as snow with smears of midnight (purplish black) as a secondary color in a mesmerizing pattern. Rajjun is bipedal and stands about 5'5" in height and weighs roughly 120 lbs and has eyes the color of amethysts. Her face is foxish and white with tiny black whiskers and a black nose with ears that stand pointed with the the tips being her secondary midnight color. Her figure is lithe and curvy and her tail is long and fluffy, which she is in fact very vain about. Her claws are thick, curve to points, and are retractable and she has superior gripping due to the tiny nubs on the pads on her paws that help with traction. Before her mother's untimely death, she gave her daughter tattoos. Two marks above her right eyebrow and a crescent moon on the center of her forehead, the same color as her secondary fur coloring. Rajjun has long black hair that ends just past her shoulder blades and blends into the rest of her fur.

    Personality: Most people mistake Rajjun as being shy, submissive, and antisocial. This is not the case. She is merely thoughtful, often lost in her own head. She is a people watcher mostly and is very observant of the world around her. When engaged in conversation, she often says little, preferring to listen to the other speak, but when actively speaking, she is highly opinionated and intelligent. When provoked or angry, she gets passive aggressive, preferring to combat on a mental and intellectual level, defeating her opponent or aggressor's mind rather than body, though she is not physically inept. When severly pissed or vengeful, she will use her skills in dream weaving and enchanting to create nightmarish visions from which there is no escape without her consent.

    History: Rajjun Shikon is from the Tsyjnaudla tribe at the southern tip of Sacum Island. Her parents were outcasts. Rajjun's mother wed a Lukuo, and her tribe doesn't much like inter-racial marriages all that much. Due to her fathers bat-wings and her mother's mutation with one bat-wing and one feathered wing, Rajjun's wings are feathered at the back, but have leathery insides like a bat's. About 8 years after their outcast from the Tsyjnaudla tribe, her mother died of an illness that strikes all Yki without proper protection on their wings. Two years after, her father died of grief. The 10 year old Rajjun, left all alone, was taken in by a couple of pendragons and went to Jaardan Academy for a few years where she got her apprenticeship in dream weaving and enchanting. Despite her tragic history, Rajjun has grown up to be a strong, fun-loving Yki and now lives on her own.
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