masculine (male)
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Primary Trade:
Daemon & Darkness Lore, Apprentice
Secondary Trade:
Fighting, Apprentice

Out of Character


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Rafa Dark

  • Agile
  • Enduring
  • Feral
  • Ferocious
  • Friendly
  • Tough
  • Violent
  • Description

    RafaDark is a Lukuo who don't know anything about his parents, he lived in an orphanage that secretly was messing with the Dark Arts. RafaDark, following his 'family', he became an apprentice of the Darkness Magical Arts by reading the books in the underground secret area and by his 'teacher' who died from a strange disease. His teacher was like a father to him and he was like his teacher's son. Because of that father/son connection, his teacher trained him in all types of fighting that he knew. His favorite style of fighting was with long swords and heavy weapons but his 'father' like more the short-sword type and would like him to be a 'short-sword fighter' but RafaDark denied it, he really like to fight with weapons that would be heavy which would need a lot of strength.

    His teacher was a Knight of the Blades of Dynir, he fought many monsters and other dragons to became a 'Holy Knight', he trained much Initiates in becoming Knights like him, but most of them failed in becoming even a Squire. He never believed in the Dynirism because of his alignment with the Dark Arts. He was an honored Knight that would follow every order that the Elders would give him but one day, he received a mission to accompany one of his friends to becoming a Dynir, but he fell envious for himself not being the new Dynir, one of the Elders saw his envy but turned a blind eye thinking it wasn't anything he should worry about. Promising to himself to kill that friend of his, he would be nominated the new Dynir in the place of his 'friend' but the plan backfired and he was haunted by the Blades of Dynir by killing both the soon to be Dynir and the Elder. After this episode in his life, he left his 'good life' as a corrupted knight and fled from the Blades of Dynir, finding an orphanage that needed a manager, he accepted the job soon finding RafaDark, a boy with high potential. After some years, he wrote a diary of all he knew, he trained RafaDark on the underground that the old manager of the orphanage give to him after he passed away.

    After some years of training in the underground secret area, RafaDark's training wasn't evolving, turning into useless to waste his energy on that place. He needed a new training ground and a new mentor. One day, one of his 'brothers' from the orphanage talked about a place where the Dark Arts were a little more used, it was called Bhim, he knew that the place was not a good one, by the rumors that he heard about the place being full of assassin's and terrorists, he thought that if he moved to this Bhim, he would find a new mentor and maybe a new place to stay and train more even if there was a high risk. All the rumors about Bhim didn't make RafaDark lose his main goal, that was to become powerful by any means necessary, not minding that to achieve it, he would need to leave his 'Family' and his home. After the goodbyes, RafaDark went on a journey the rumored Bhim, to finally became what he dreamed and wanted to be, the powerful Lukuo in all the world of Ramath-lehi.
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