Audio engineer, musician and professional nutcase


Primary Trade:
Music, Master
Secondary Trade:
Technical Engineering, Master


Best Friend & Business Partner:
Syron Grimoire

Out of Character


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Raakin de'Ragnarok

Karom-Vers Eainhaar (real name)
Aw yeah, finally got my fake Explosive Fishing license. Jul 23, 2014
  • Clumsy
  • Creative
  • Energetic
  • Expressive
  • Feisty
  • Forgetful
  • Wiry
  • Description

    (This is, unsurprisingly, a placeholder. The real thing's gonna come at some point!)

    Fairly short and lanky, with slender limbs, a slender muzzle, and a thin tail. Instead of hair he has quills, coming both from his head, with a little "tuft" on his chin, and from the end of his tail. (He still has regular pendragon "fur", though.) He can raise and lower the quills at will. In addition, his fingers and toes are absurdly long, with just-as-absurdly long, non-retractable claws to match. (One would note that the claws on his toes are duller than the ones on his hands.)
    Colour-wise, he is black with white piebald patterns. His quills are red, and his eyes are red with yellow irises. Also, the pupils are cross-shaped. Somehow he doesn't have vision problems.​

    Hyper, exciteable and enthusiastic in a childlike way - it's not unheard of for Raakin to leap out of bed in the middle of the night and start clumsily sketching out ideas or fiddling around on his equipment or computers.​

    Raakin (real name Karom-Vers Eainhaar) is one half of the musical duo Phatharla, alongside his long-time friend Syron Grimoire. While Syron is the main songwriter, Raakin largely handles most of the technical side of things - he's the one who adds synth instruments, puts everything together on the computers, and does the mixing and mastering himself. He also has a side project named "Nine Audlakh Eyes", and is often involved in the development of music and audio technology... when he's not off doing his own thing and creating some truly weird instruments or getting involved in some misadventure.
    Raakin hatched in Swaraj, where he spent most of his childhood. His enlarged fingers, toes and claws were a feature unique to him; his parents decided to seek professional help, as they quickly noticed that having such oddly-shaped hands and feet were making things more difficult for the already clumsy hatchling, to his distress. Eventually, after several false starts, they found a therapist who decided to work with little Karom to improve his manual dexterity.
    Perhaps her biggest success was inspiring in the nioti a love of machinery - from there, he gained an interest in taking small machines and gadgets apart to see how they worked. Given how small, complex and delicate they could be, if there was a way to train him to be very precise in his movements, this was it. And it worked.​

    • He has a sharp and slightly harsh voice, in the vein of Alice Cooper and the like. (Absolutely not because I was listening to a lot of Alice Cooper songs when I came up with the character, nu-uh.)
    • Raakin doesn't actually know what "Ragnarok" means - he just heard it somewhere and thought it sounded cool. He does know it has something to do with the culture of an alien planet lost to the Rapine, but that's about it.
    • He has a penchant for showing up in bizarre costumes whenever Phatharla or Nine Audlakh Eyes do live performances. (If Ramath-Lehi had a nudity taboo, he'd try to go naked instead. Some of his weird costumes come pretty close, though!)
    • His favourite musician is Craggy D. Drack.
    • He used to be in a boyband, but left due to "creative differences". The real reason is that they thought he was too eccentric and experimental. Needless to say, his fans were a bit surprised when he started a metal band...

    WTF Raakin?!

    Notorious for his bizarre antics, and for very, VERY good reason.


    Involved in multiple ongoing musical projects, mainly rock bands.

    Call me 'spike'

    Raakin's mutations have given him quills for hair, and VERY long claws.


    Has in-depth knowledge of technology and mechanisms.

    Others like me

    Sometimes works to help other Lukuo with detrimental mutations.
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