Primary Trade:
Dancing, Apprentice
Secondary Trade:
Writing & Literature, Apprentice

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Pandora Ransom

  • Creative
  • Docile
  • Empathetic
  • Ingratiating
  • Lithe
  • Reflective
  • Shy
  • Description

    Artwork by shiverz on deviantart.com.

    Pandora typically acts like the usual young girl - careless and naïve, a little skimpy by way of dress. She tends to seem more promiscuous than she actually is, but nowadays she's starting to lose track of what she is and isn't. She dips her toes into the worse habits that she never would have expected herself to pursue, in the mindset that such actions will keep her so-called friends interested - she tends to be a bit of a pushover in that way. However, upon meeting new people, this appearance is always cracked by her normal introverted nature.
    By herself, Pandora prefers to wear a tee shirt and jeans, then grab a cup of coffee and a good book. She only reads and writes in the privacy of her own apartment, for fear of blowing her disguise with the crowd she hangs around. She would only share that side with someone she feels close to, but so far nobody has managed that. She keeps her inner self tightly wrapped up, not necessarily by choice any more.
    Sometimes, Pandora daydreams about having friends and relationships as her normal self, but she convinces herself that no such thing could ever happen, because her normal self is so unappealing. In truth, it would take someone of the very persistent sort to get past her outer façade and anywhere near the real her, and the wall becomes thicker every day.

    Brief History:
    Pandora was one of the smart kids in her generation, and as such didn't have a lot of friends. She didn't have any magical sort of abilities, didn't come from a rich family, and didn't do much socializing in the first place. She was fine with it at the time, because she spent most of her time doing educational work, house chores, or writing. As she grew older, it became more of a bother. When everyone else was having fun on the weekends, she was still at home. Her parents encouraged the behavior, because she didn't want their daughter getting mixed up with the wrong sorts, but that plan only helped her for so long.
    When she left home to pursue her own interests, Pandora realized that she didn't really have a career track to follow. She hadn't thought of it, but rather only considered getting out and on her own, where she could. She couldn't make much money with her writing, and eventually found work as a dancer. She could keep up with a rhythm and move pretty well, so it seemed a logical choice. Still, though, it was a bother that she spent most of her time alone. Even as a dancer, her off-stage persona wasn't anything that the others were interested in. She eventually found another job waiting tables, and started to make observations of the people who had a lot of friends. They acted outside of her typical comfort zone, but she slowly began adopting their tendencies, ingratiating herself with their culture. It seemed the most logical way for her to gain a social life. As she picked up a few piercings and some more modern clothing, friends started to come more easily.
    The difficult part was when she tried to be herself again, and the friends threatened to leave. Pandora considered that there were others who might accept her normal self, but they were harder to come by. So, she found the balance. She would be that other, wilder self around her friends, and the more toned and normal version when they weren't around. However, even as she tried to keep the two sides in check, it became easier and easier for her to slip into worse habits when her "friends" were pressuring her.
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