Second in command to W01. Beta Female of WPack.


Primary Trade:
Elemental Kinesis, Master
Secondary Trade:
Marine Biology, Master

Out of Character


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Orcina W101

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    Accustomed to swimming hundreds of miles in a day with her pack Orcina is very streamline and powerful with the build of an athlete. Her silicon like skin is a dark black however when hit with light streaks of gray actually gradient to form the black. To most she appears as black because the gradient is hard to notice while she is submerged. A layer of fat keeps her warm in the frigid waters of Sumundra, Hrishikesh, and Krishna.

    Orcina has two white eyes spots that wrap around ether of her cobalt eyes. The bottoms of her eyes are lined with the only other actual color that appears on her body which is a bright magenta which also shows on the insides of her bat-like ears. In a scrap with a rival pack a bite was taken out of her right ear. Orcina's underside is a milky white. Her tail is thick and ends in a fluke. On her back side is a sickle like dorsal fin that has a notch out of the center and behind that is a pale gray saddle marking that resembles a heart when seen above. Ether side of her seal like nose is covered with thickly with whiskers used for finding things in murky shallows. Her paws are webbed, front and back with more of that bright magenta color showing between her toes. Her toes end in shiny black claws, her hind paws larger than her front are very adept at paddling.

    Orcina's temperament is even and typically she has very curious and friendly demeanor. She is however a ruthless hunter and warrior. Her eyes are sharp with intelligence and they are constantly studying everything around her. Having lived in the ocean all her life she has vast knowledge of the undersea world and marine life. She is very protective of her pack mates and will defend any of them or their territory fiercely and if necessary to the death.

    She has always had a fascination with boats and the land dwelling 'drangons that ride them. She will often watch they pass by from bellow or she will hoist herself out of the water on a rock to get a better view. She has found herself being quit envious of the tail flames that these 'dragons have. Strangely she finds the males of the specious more interesting than male aquabats which is part of the reason she hasn't carried an egg yet, despite he mothers constant encouraging. More than once she's thought about what life must be like on land in their cities.

    Orcina belongs to a particularly savage and primitive pod of aquabats. Born into and reared in the seldom seen WPack. Very little is know about this particular pod because they are a transient deep sea dwellers that rarely come inland. Though they do feed on fish often the entire pod participates in killing very large marine mammals that live on ice or beaches. It is not uncommon for them to play with their food before delivering the final blow, this is also how they train their young to hunt. They have a seasonal migration that revolves around the breeding of different food sources.

    WPack members and hierarchy -​
    [W01: First matriarch. Orcina's Mother.]

    Beta :female:- [Orcina W101: Only surviving daughter of WPack.] Beta :male:-[W03 Slimmer, more agile and smarter than his bothers W02 and W05.]​

    :sword:The Enforcers- The bulk behind bringing down large prey and protecting the pack. More simply the muscle. Most male aquabats stay by their mother's side for their entire lives and this holds especially true for more primitive packs. In the case of W12 he will stay with his Grandmother or perhaps break off to follow W101 if she ever leaves to create her own pack or pursue a different life.

    [W02: W01's eldest son. Brawny and massive.] [W05: Largest male in the pack.] [W12: Offspring of W01's 1st daughter deceased W10.]
    • W13: He proceeds his mother W10. Is nearing preteens and may give W05 a run for largest male.
    • W07: :female: W01's most recent hatchling.
    :death: Deceased- :death:
    • W04: Fatally injured in a territorial dispute.
    • :female: W10: Fatally injured while carrying :female: W11 in her egg pouch.
    • W06: Killed trying to protect :female: W10 and her unborn egg.
    * In WPack the number combinations of "1" are usually reserved just for female aquabats. Ones being first generation. Ten's being second gen and hundreds being third and so forth.

    The WPack males are known for the massive sizes they grow to. Unusually large for typical recorded adult male aquabats sizes W02, W05, and W12 tip the scales from 200-230lbs and each is over 6 feet long. The coloring of deep ocean transient packs seems to be of a darker pallet than their resident aquabat cousins that tend to stay closer to land year round. The W's are all of a fairly similar dark color of black though it varies somewhat and reaches in shades of very dark blue, indigo and gray. Their undersides are broken up with pale whitish bellies and tails. This is a form of very successful camouflage in the ocean. When prey views them from above their white undersides blend in with the light coming from above. Seen from below it is the reverse effect, their dark back sides blend in with the darkness of the waters below them rendering them virtually invisible. Rather than wings these aquabats have evolved to have dorsal fins that protrude from their backs. These stabilize the aquabats at high speeds and assist in sudden turns. Another WPack specific trait is the white patches they each have surrounding and just behind their eyes.
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