Henchman for hire


Primary Trade:
Dark Sorcery, Master
Secondary Trade:
Shapeshifting, Master

Out of Character


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Neadvas/Meelemar Lapulin/Talucaris

Ned, Mela
  • Agile
  • Beguiling
  • Bestial
  • Callous
  • Graceful
  • Untrustworthy
  • Violent
  • Description

    Neadvas and Meelemar are a single pendragon with multiple personality disorder, and a knack for shape-shifting. Neither of them is the original personality, but Mela and Ned have long since driven the original out. Mela and Ned are very similar in personality, and seem to prefer to have each other in the same head.

    Upon first impression, Mela and Ned come off as a very talkative, self-centered and bitchy pendragon. Only after prolonged exposure is it clear how cruel and unsympathetic they truly are. Both Mela and Ned exhibit antisocial behavior. They do not care about others in the slightest, and use others to their own advantage. They feel that rules and morals do not apply to them. Aside from that, they are a pendragon who greatly delights in hearing their own voice. They enjoy parties and large groups of pendragons, because they do not like making one-on-one connections, but greatly enjoy attention and being a part of mob mentality. The main difference between them is that Mela tends to be more whimsical and impulsive, while Ned is more giddy and passionate.

    Being so adept at shapeshifting, each pendragon is capable of shifting into their personal body. Both Mela and Ned are sleek and graceful. While not particularly attractive, they know how to use their individual wiles to their advantage. Both sport a Mohawk, Mela's orange-red, Ned's black. They both also have an extremely long braid at the front of their Mohawk that hangs down in the middle of their face. They have abnormally thin, sharp teeth, not unlike a barracuda. Their ears are also very long and pointed, both sporting a number of piercings.

    Mela is the smaller and shorter of the two. Her fur is short but smooth, mostly lime green except for her arms and legs which are a light neon purple. She has a band of orange-red fur around her front left elbow. Her skin and paw pads are a glistening opal white. Her eyes are pure white, with a dark black rim and pupil. Her eyes and sharp teeth contribute to a persistent crazed expression on her face. Her tail is long and rat-like.

    Ned is slightly larger than Mela, but he is always slumping over so it is difficult to tell. His fur is slightly longer and thicker, but just as sleek. He is mostly dark grey in coloring, but has dark reddish-purple lower arms and legs, and pure black paws. His eyes are a light brick-red color with a darker maroon rim. He also has a persistent crazed expression, but his is more subtle than Mela's, and he is more capable of suppressing it. His tail is also long, his tail-flame a classic orange-red glow.
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