Menlo Athlete and Suit Designer


Primary Trade:
Machina Technology, Master
Secondary Trade:
Menlo Strategy, Master

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Marikas Sinine

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  • Intimidating
  • Observant
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  • Robust
  • Steady
  • Description

    Blueberry is so nicknamed for her very saturated dark blue-purple coat of long shaggy fur. The fur on her belly, as well as several omega shaped markings on her fur, are neon aqua. Blueberry’s eyes are almost pitch black, her short spiked hair the same neon aqua as the markings on her fur. Blueberry’s build is most akin to that of an akita.

    Blueberry is a very driven pendragon. In her view there is little more to life than the world surrounding her work. Those who do not know her well would describe her as very dull and stoic. She rarely smiles, and tends to speak in monotones. Under the dull surface however, she has a very witty dead-pan sort of humor and a playful manner of conversation. Blueberry has little patience for time wasters, and is very meticulous and efficient in everything she does.

    Menlo Suits

    Crash Dragon

    Crash Dragon is Blueberry's most favored and advanced suit, designed for personal use with a few carefully guarded code sequences. It is designed with professional Menlo play in mind, and follows all standard MCC suit regulations. While Blueberry has had many requests for suits like Crash Dragon, she tends to decline requests that she feels are too similar to her masterpiece.

    Crash Dragon is designed for high speed sprinting and massive impacts. Its main method of immobilizing its opponents is literally crushing them. Crash Dragon is not designed for close range combat, but prefers an attack and retreat approach. It has little maneuverability, very high defense, and can achieve very high speeds very quickly, but is not designed to maintain these speeds for great lengths.

    Crash Dragon is a quadrupedal suit designed for pendragons of a more bulky and stalwart build, specifically crafted for Blueberry herself. Crash Dragon's main body consists of a thick heavy metal shell. The shell is designed to withstand massive impacts from the front and top, and provide decent protection to the rest of the body. The shell is inflexible, which makes maneuvering in tight spaces laborious.

    The legs of the Crash Dragon are segmented metal shells, much lighter than that of the main body shell but still fairly bulky. The movement of each joint is achieved with powerful pneumatic pumps. These pumps support the weight of the main shell, and provide powerful propulsion to movement, allowing the Crash Dragon to achieve very high speeds. While normally the pumps support the main bulk of the suit, Blueberry has designed it so that if the pumps fail, she personally is able to support the weight of the shell (she works out), so that her suit is not rendered completely inoperable. While her suit will still function, she cannot move the Crash Dragon very quickly without the help of the pumps, and must instead rely on other methods of immobilizing her opponent.

    The head and neck of the Crash Dragon utilizes the strongest and most resilient metals anywhere in the suit. The head can be withdrawn slightly into the body shell to provide stability to the neck, but powerful pneumatic pumps in the neck are also capable of absorbing impacts. When not withdrawn, the head has more maneuverability than any other part of the suit. Pneumatic pumps allow it to buck and stab with great ferocity. The powerful jaw can also be used to latch on to opponents, or simply crush any limbs that come its way.

    Crash Dragon is completely airtight, allowing it to operate in underwater, poisonous, or vacuous environs.The air supply is kept in the most heavily armored part of the suit, the top of the main body shell. This air supply is used both to power the pneumatic pumps, and provide air to the pendragon within. In environs with factors like water or zero gravity where maneuverability may become difficult for the Crash Dragon, the air can also be used for propulsion. However, extensive use of the air in this manner will cut down on the pendragon's air supply. Breathing air and pneumatic power are kept as separate systems so that if the pneumatic pumps fail, the pendragon within can still breathe. If the pneumatic pumps fail underwater, depending on the nature of the damage, they can be adapted to utilize hydraulic power instead. The pumps will not operate at optimum levels, but they will still be far more powerful than nothing.

    Namarrgon, Thunder Walker

    Namarrgon was designed to be a suit that is part of a team, acting as Support or as a Standard Bearer, though Blueberry has yet to find a team that can effectively utilize its capabilities. Namarrgon’s main function is to create sound waves that give distinct advantages to the suit’s wearer. The suit is fairly skin tight with a layer of non-Newtonian fluid pads that protect vital areas. The suit is extremely flexible, allowing for quick movement, and tight maneuvering. It has little defensive capabilities, and instead relies on its cloud of sound to mask the sound of its own movements, making it surprisingly stealthy. Namarrgon prefers a guerrilla type of fighting, ambush and retreat. It will get into a blind spot, quickly swoop in and keep a tight proximity to its opponent as it stabs and slashes. As soon as the opponent can get into a position where it can retaliate, Namarrgon will quickly retreat and begin the process again.

    The only obviously offensive aspects of Namarrgon are metal spines protruding forward from the writsts, and metal claws on the fingers and feet that assist in climbing. Namarrgon is lined with sets of specialized speakers. There is a backpack like metal case attached to the back of the suit, which is lined with the larger speakers used to create the cloud of sound surrounding the suit. There is also a set of large speakers on the suit’s stomach. Using technology akin to acoustic levitation, these large speakers can produce large emergency bursts of sound that can knock back an opponent to allow the relatively defenseless Namarrgon to escape. Similar smaller speakers in the gloves and shoes of the suit are capable of producing sound waves that allow the suit to leap large distances. This can make it extremely difficult to locate or track Namarrgon.

    Namarrgon constantly emits sounds and noises at several frequencies and volumes. Most noticeable are sets of extremely loud, ear drum piercing screeches and sirens, as well as some stomach lurching bass tones and jarring crashes and bangs not unlike thunder that can be heard clear across almost any arena, instantly filling the area with unpleasantness. Many of the frequencies emitted are extremely harmful to pendragons and can easily incapacitate any pendragon with a suit not equipped to filter sound waves. Some of the more finely tuned frequencies are carefully calibrated to be within acceptable ranges for typical sound filters. These frequencies are inaudible to most pendragons, and can be disorienting or damaging with prolonged exposure.

    Namarrgon’s helmet is completely soundproof to keep the pendragon within safe from the various harmful noises produced by the suit. An augmented reality display provides information about the suit’s condition and the environment to the wearer. It is here that the most one of the most important frequencies produced by the suit is utilized. Easily masked by the cacophony of sound produced by the suit, these frequencies are used for echo-location, and mapping of the area. When in close proximity to other suits, these frequencies also sense vibrations in other players’ suits, helping Namargon to identify weak-spots.
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