Bounty hunter


Primary Trade:
Assassination, Master
Secondary Trade:
Telekinesis, Master


Norsut Laelox (deceased)
Xoulie Kynigos
Tukjap Kymsanglusyj em sha Pakuo

Out of Character


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Marei Kynigos

Little Fish (BHB codename)
Almost on the anniversary of Norsut's death. Should probably do something special to honour him. Feb 12, 2014
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  • Description

    "Oh Fronna, we're talking about Bhim again? Pardon me, but every time I go there, I consistently wind up almost being liraxed. Roughly three to four times a trip, I'd think."

    At 1.04m/3'5" tall, Marei is about the average height of a Feydragon. Despite her small size, one can tell that she leads a very physically active life - with a slender body but muscular limbs, she boasts a runner's and swordsman's physique, but with slightly extra muscle in the chest and torso to account for her wings. (One may note that this has resulted in a bust which is very small, if not practically flat. Though, it wasn't that big to begin with.)
    On her head she has wide cat-like ears and a slender, almost triangular muzzle. Her hair is long, reaching halfway down her back, and is usually worn in a single, very long braid. Her wings resemble a cross between a bird's wings and the fins of a flying fish - she's a Fey; weird wings are normal for them. Her tail is incredibly long - try body-length - and has a small tail-flame which can be 'lit' and 'extinguished' at will.
    While Fromina-infused tattoos are normal for the Fey, the ones who tattooed Marei took it to ridiculous levels: she has intricate spiralling patterns tattooed all over her body, except for her face, hands, feet and tail. (And certain sensitive bits which should not be tattooed, but that's not important.) Not that most people would get to see them - she covers them up as much as she can, as the tattoos glow whenever Marei uses her telekinesis, and sometimes when there's a Fromina source nearby. Given that she often tries to be stealthy, letting people see the glow would be counterproductive at best.
    As far as colours go, her "fur" is grey, her hair is brown, and her eyes, tattoos and tail-flame are yellow.​

    Personality (in a nutshell)
    Stubborn, abrasive, tactless... in other words, kind of a difficult 'dragon to get along with.
    That said, she places a high value on honesty, is fiercely protective of those she cares about, and actually has strong morals.
    Marei's also surprisingly well-disciplined, largely owing to growing up in a clan where combat training was a standard part of the school curriculum.
    By her own admission a very physical and hands-on sort of 'dragon. While she is fairly intelligent, she's more intuitive than logical.
    Has been known to break the rules in favour of doing what she thinks is the right thing. This goes all the way up to the Code of the Bounty Hunter (which she is required to follow, being a member of the Bounty Hunter Brotherhood) and the freaking magicka ban; both of these have gotten her in trouble in the past.​

    Marei is the child of two refugees from different Feydragon clans; they settled in a third one, the proud warrior Kynnyn clan known as the Skengilo, and this is where she was hatched and grew up in. The clan included combat training in their school curriculum, and from a young age she took a shine to it, eventually becoming a capable swordsdragon and telekinetic. However, she never quite managed to get along with her parents - not out of hatred or rebelliousness, but more due to the fact that she had grown up in a different culture. Eventually she chose to leave her clan, having completed her training, to try and find work in the wider world.
    After leaving she took on a number of odd jobs, but it was difficult for someone trained almost exclusively as a warrior to find decent jobs. She had a break at the age of 26, when a barroom brawl led to her meeting a large, one-eyed Lukuo named Norsut Laelox. Known as Cyclops for his distinctive appearance, he was a member of the Bounty Hunter Brotherhood, and his apprentice had recently been killed in action. Realising that the perfect job had been sitting right in front of her the whole time, she managed to persuade him to help her join the Brotherhood.
    Once she had joined she became Norsut's new apprentice. Since the Lukuo was infamously difficult to get along with and Marei was quite abrasive herself, pendragons didn't see the partnership lasting long... but to everyone's amazement, they somehow managed to fight past their clashing personalities and develop an unshakable friendship. He was the one who came up with her codename, "Little Fish", which she has kept to this day.
    The apprenticeship came to a violent end when Marei was 29 - she and Norsut were pursuing an insane Rapine-worshipping mage with an enormous bounty on his head, and had finally managed to corner him. In the resulting fight both Marei and Norsut were badly injured, and it was becoming increasingly clear that only one of them would make it out alive. To her surprise, Norsut made one final charge at the mage, preparing a powerful spell... powerful enough to kill the mage in one hit, but due to the laws of magicka, powerful enough to kill him as well.
    The spell hit its target. Marei was the only one who would collect the bounty that day.
    In the years since, she's spent her career travelling across Ramath-Lehi, going after bounties - usually criminals. Aside from the time she was trapped in Bhim for two and a half years thanks to the magicka Ban, she's rarely stayed in one place for too long - even when taking time off work, it's rarely for more than half a season. That suits her just fine, though. As far as Marei's concerned, she couldn't have found a better job. Now, if only it wouldn't lead to her going to Bhim so much...​

    Thread History
    • Hunt for the Butcher [Dyo 177, Year 9]

    Bounty Hunter

    A bounty hunter's gotta make a living.

    I know kung fu

    Student of a martial art that combines telekinesis with swordplay.

    Dead mentor

    She used to be apprentice to an unpopular bounty hunter. He's long-dead now.

    I Hate Bhim

    Self-explanitory. Too bad the best bounties are in Bhim...
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