feminine (female)


Primary Trade:
Assassination, Journeyman
Secondary Trade:
Oral Storytelling, Journeyman

Out of Character

Lupa Blackthrone

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Lupa Blackthrone

  • Clever
  • Clumsy
  • Delicate
  • Diplomatic
  • Shy
  • Submissive
  • Witty
  • Description


    Lupa doesn't cut a particularly intimidating figure in the midst of many others of her kind. To begin with, she is on the short end of the height spectrum, standing at 5'5". She weighs 110 lbs, with none of the typical female shape. Her face is expressive, with almond shaped eyes the color of dark sapphire. Her hair is cut short (she hates messing with it), to the point of being quite near to a males, and the color black, dark as ink. She takes more after feline characteristics, with a couple of canine-esq traits thrown in, plus the draconic scales. But I should explain in depth.

    Beginning with her head, Lupa's ears are more akin to a felines, standing up straight, only barely poking over the black spikes of her hair. Her mouth has the more canine-like shape to it, though. Her fur is white around her mouth and chin, but abruptly goes black on the top of her nose and over her head.

    Onto her body. Along with her black hair, her fur is almost entirely black, and sticks up in various places (in part due to her clumsiness). There is white, though, running from the underside of her face all the way down her throat and chest, down her belly, and onto her tail, where it covers the bottom and tip. It almost appears as if someone had dipped her into white paint belly first!

    She doesn't have wings, and is mostly intact. Her eye-sight is less than stellar, admittedly. The 'flame' of sorts on the end of her tail is a soft pink color.


    Lupa is very clever, with a rapier wit, and sharp tongue. She loves telling stories, though she's quite shy to begin with. She's not much for physical fights, but she enjoys a good argument from time to time, especially if her opponent is passionate about what she or he is speaking of. When speaking to others, she can come off as disinterested, or not listening at all, but in reality, she's probably unsure how to respond, or more often, she is thinking of a response that isn't generic. Her sense of humor can be somewhat dark, but she makes up for it in her storytelling, because almost all of them end happily. Though, she enjoys telling the tragedies the most, for she believes those are the ones that stick with people the longest, and that every good story is written in blood.

    Study Bug

    She can be found at various places of drinking and good times, telling stories


    She can often be found in apothecary shops buying salves for wounds
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