Machine Shop Owner/Inventor


Primary Trade:
Inventing, Master
Secondary Trade:
Machina Technology, Master

Out of Character


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Jepat ShaHojjekuma

  • Agile
  • Alert
  • Clever
  • Commanding
  • Dexterous
  • Dignified
  • Patient
  • Description

    Jepat strikes an impressive figure for a Yki, standing at about 6' 6" tall and slashed with black stripes across his stark white fur. Although, with little muscle to his name, he does possess a willowy- almost sickly-thin- appearance. But what he lacks in sheer brawn, he makes up for with agility and ingenuity. Jepat's fingers are always moving, fiddling with pieces of metal and wiring, or anything else he can get his hands on. Despite his "twitchiness," however, his height and commanding presence- paired with an unnervingly booming voice- ensures that those under his employ treat him with the proper respect. Sharp pieces of metal, almost like spearheads, are braided throughout his mane, some of which he often removes and uses as tools in his work. His trademark welding goggles are always on his person, even while he sleeps.

    Jepat loves technology. After moving to the south- for reasons that he would like to remain confidential- Jepat set to work hiring himself out to several machinists in whatever city he came to. When he discovered he had a knack for making technology, he decided to open up his own shop in Ramanskh, creating new kinds of machina. Of course, after the ban on magicka was put into effect, Jepat's business went with it. Still, he is not dismayed- he has several shops affiliated with his business across Ramath-Lehi- including one in Bhim that may still be continuing his work on machina technology...

    His current pet project is to make a rocket-propelled mech armor, which he hopes to sell to the military for a tidy sum. Of course, since the primary power source for the mecha was originally a magicka core, that sale may be a long way off until he finds a suitable replacement for a power source.


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