Primary Trade:
Tattoo Artistry, Journeyman
Secondary Trade:
Telekinesis, Journeyman

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Jade Peymma

  • Agile
  • Alluring
  • Charismatic
  • Creative
  • Dexterous
  • Disciplined
  • Nimble
  • Description

    Jade is a mirror image of her ancestors, having the doglike features of a Jackal with the exception of a thin and lithe tail. Her onyx pelt is sleek and very thin, but thick enough to retain her heat during the cold season. When wet it shines like a million jewels, like stars are running along the earth. Deviating her from the average Anubi is that both of her eyes are two individual colors, her left eye is a piercing orange while her right eye is a cool and jungle green. Not to become an outcast to her tribe and family, she always shields her orange eye from view with her blond banged mane, which reaches to her jaw. 

    Contrary to the long and straight tresses her mother had, her mane only comes to around her shoulder possibly shorter. It’s normally straight and curling at the tips only when it’s wet. Along the outer rim of her left ear is a single earring which serpentines throughout the cartilage. The procedure was long in piercing, but the result was to her satisfaction. 

    Only one tattoo is on her visage, it’s of a simple golden ankh that is branded on her forehead. The second tattoo is of two snakes intertwining along her spine, one was silver-blue and the other gold. The final design is of a cobra on her inside of her right thigh, its color is a light grey but it only appears at will. It is bewitched so that it can spit fire. 

    Upper and lower body piece together in perfect harmony, legs long but not enough to make her chest look small or short, she easily stands around 5’8”. Her body is well toned, not like a man’s but enough to see she has strength. For clothing apparel she normally sports jeans and a tank top, which you can easily see the two heads of the snakes.


    Jade first and foremost, is very fun and playful. Doing activities, chilling with friends and just doing what she loves is the best time to approach her. She’s not cold, and is going to shun you away if you try and strike up a conversation. If anything, she’ll be jovial and she’ll be the one talking to you. 

    If she’s in a bad mood, it normally lasts a couple of hours and it wears off. Though that is just when she’s upset and it wasn’t the person’s fault. If they caused her to be that way, then she will likely keep a grudge for quite some time. She’s forgiving, but after she’s tried to make up and they don’t even try to ameliorate the situation then they’ve lost her. 

    Though most Anubi remain with their own kind, she chose to leave. She doesn’t regret the decision, but it took will power to go away from her family. Now that Jade grew up without the influence of her parents she treats everyone as an equal.



    Jade grew up in a posh, tight-knit family. Her ancestors are all pure anubian, not a blemish or flaw in the family tree. Until Jade.

    Her father had fire orange eyes, her mother a cool jade. Both respective colors matched their characteristics. Her father was quick to jump to conclusions and fast to punish. Her mother is more level headed and normally the one to cool down her hotheaded husband.

    With two diehard anubian parents, there was no room for mistakes. Especially not in the world where image is everything. Every now and then, mistakes are bound to happen. Jade happened to be this mistake.

    The day she was born, the couple was thrilled for such a beautiful baby. Perfect little hands and feet, the average height and weight. Best of all, she had no disabilities, just a pair of mismatched eyes. Orange and jade.

    Her parents were mortified; a chink in their chain would not bode well with their image. They tried everything so they wouldn’t have to give up their child. When Jade’s hair was too short to cover her orange orb, she would have to wear an eye patch. Her excuse was it was a medical condition. She was never allowed to s peak of or show anyone those mixed eyes of hers. If she did, she would disgrace the family and be obligated to live as an outcast.

    14 years went by and her little secret was never revealed. It wasn’t until one particularly bad night some one glanced at the right time. Jade had gone to a friend’s birthday party (not her friend, but some one’s friend) and consumed a few too many alcoholic drinks. It was her first time she had ever drunk and she was to under the effects to realize her secret was uncovered. 

    No one really noticed, they all just assumed she was a new party girl on the block. All but one ignore it; a boy by the name of Dominic. He was her rival in family status and schooling. Both receiving high marks and in a constant competition to be the better. Jade’s blasphemy caused her to be caught unawares and Dominic rose to the occasion. He saw the flaw, the dirty little secret the Peymma’s had kept hidden for so many years. Tonight was the night he brought his family its true honor. At church everything would be revealed and Jade left to be eaten alive by the unforgiving world.

    The next morning, Jade awoke groggy and a little hung over, but her parents were none the wiser. On the way over to the temple a cold hand gripped her shoulder, a hot breath on her neck. “Everyone is going to know daddy’s little girl has a secret.” Jade spun on the spot, her ears had already recognized the voice but her eyes needed the reassurance. 

    She saw the tawny anubi, a devious smirk upon his lips. The night before flashed through her mind, how did he know…? He was there! “Get back here you snitch!” 

    No one was around so she took a running start after him. He sped off ahead but she sprinted and grabbed hold of his tail. They both tumbled to the ground. She punched him in the eye, it swelled up within seconds and turned a blackish purple. “Jade, stop!” He screamed at her. She pulled back slightly, but then he rolled them over and he pinned her. He punched her once in the stomach and winded her, she gasped for air. Dominic grabbed her throat and squeezed tightly; Jade could do nothing but plead with her eyes. She flailed her arms around before getting a grip on his waist and dug her nails into his fur. He flinched slightly, but it was only enough to kick her legs up and throw him off balance. He crashed to the side while she picked herself up and limped over to him. She kicked him in the ribs and looked at him maliciously. He snarled at her and she gave him a quick kick in the face. 

    His face started to bleed and he fell limply on the ground. She still thirsted for his blood and kicked him again, and again. After the fourth kick there was not even the unsteady rising and lowering of his back. She screamed in angst and hate, but confusion. He had said he wouldn’t do it but she… No it was self defense he tried to strangle her. 

    She left his body there, her hands cover in his blood. She couldn’t look back and simply ran past her friends. She sped home and jumped into the shower, the servants were eating and didn’t even notice her. She didn’t bother undressing and just started to sobbed. Her shoulders raised up and down violently. What had she done?

    The mass continued as usual, Jade present in the ceremony., A shrill scream was heard in exiting the temple and it was Dominic’s mother huddling over her dead son’s body. Jade simply walked home with her family and showed little remorse. She would have been killed if she told of her murder. She didn’t want to give up her life, but she probably deserved it.

    No one delved too deep into the investigation, they had no crystal clear evidence that Jade had done the deed, though the suspected her involvement. She simply hid her inner turmoil and ventured into another city. She needed to hide from her past. 

    It was luck that brought her to come across Janardan. She kept her reason to enrolling coveted. She was going to get a fresh start.

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