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feminine (female)
Former Janardan Administrator / Teacher


Primary Trade:
Elemental Kinesis, Master
Secondary Trade:
Elemental Sorcery, Master
Tertiary Trade:
History, Master
Quaternary Trade:
Inner Sight, Master

Out of Character


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Jaceen Lapices

Iallyf (Yellow), Jace
Time to settle in for a night of paperwork and hot tea! Aug 2, 2017
  • Delicate
  • Empathetic
  • Friendly
  • Knowledgeable
  • Na├»ve
  • Nimble
  • Patient
  • Description

    Jaceen is a little on the short size (151cm / ~4'10") for her age. She has a small, almost petite figure that usually makes others think that she is much younger (and inexperienced) than she really is. Her pelt is of a very vibrant yellow. Jaceen's hair is a bright red and is made up of very thick and choppy sections. The hair atop of her head is fairly long and reaches down around her chest. Her tail is also made up of the same choppy bladed hair and is usually wrapped with a purple band at the top.A black mask covers Jaceen's face, which makes her pupil-less white-yellow eyes stand out even more. Her ears are black and she often wears purple clasped ear rings in them. Jaceen's front left paw is also completely black, however this wasn't a naturally occurring mark. In fact it was part of an initiation that she went through in order to become a senior staff member at Janardan. Jaceen also wears purple coloured cuffs around her ankles. Her symbol on her left haunch is of a black butterfly with a few red markings on it.

    As far as making first impressions go, Jaceen would probably come off as a kind and caring soul. That's not to say that she isn't. There's just many layers to her and not just that outer one that is always ready to bear a smile or pass on words of encouragement. Someone strong in empathy would be able to sense her troubles easily. Getting Jaceen to talk about them would be a much different matter. She likes to deal with things by herself and would turn down aid if she felt that she could get out of a situation with her bearings still intact.

    Jaceen was born into a quiet family. It was small, compact, and in Jaceen's opinion, it had been almost perfection. The family consisted of herself, her parents, and her brother. Her brother, Saber, was just a few Ramathian years older than her. It can be said that the two of them had a bond that went a little further than just sibling love. The two trusted each other with their lives, their hopes, and their dreams. Jaceen had always had strong ties to Fronima. So from the beginning, Jaceen was plagued by visions. Her selected friends urged her to look into learning how to train her mind. An Inner Sight class they said. Saber however, warned her against it. So trusting him over her friends, she sought after different trades. Jaceen studied History. Poking into the past. Saber again warned her, but this time she had to disagree. She had finally found something that she liked. She also picked up on Elemental Sorcery, which came fairly naturally, but had never been quite serious about it.Jaceen's parents eventually passed into the spirit realm. The youth was first outraged with this fact, but then after Saber's reasoning, their deaths didn't seem all that bad. Of course, the unthinkable had to occur later on. Jaceen caught Saber and a certain Koani Grader together. Apparently they had been seeing each other for years, and it had been Koani that had been passing her brother all of this advice. Jaceen was at first very upset. Angry at her brother and suspecting Koani of wrapping him in some sort of dark magic. But their love for each other proved to be true, which made Jaceen hurt even more. Saber, feeling his sister's distress, took it upon himself to make things well between them again. Jaceen could never hold any sort of a grudge and eventually wound up forgiving both him and Koani.With Koani's and Saber's assistance, Jaceen had her dreams made reality. Koani told her of vast secrets that nobody really should know. Secrets of the past and the History that Jaceen cherished so much.

    Jaceen later took up a position teaching at the Janardan Academy. Teaching History of course, basic Elemental Sorcery... and should the opportunity surface, she'd teach a private Inner Sight lesson or two. (Majoring in such a subject, would bring too much unwanted attention to herself.) All seemed well for a little while, until the rapine decided to show up. It happened on a distant planet (Candrice IV), not Earth, for that was seven Ramathian years in the future. A few of the Graders were there, pretty much the entire Dragyn family, and a few other tribes as well. Jaceen hadn't been there, but when she heard of the devastation, she was pretty much knocked right off her feet. The rapine had struck without warning, pulling the life out of everything that they could. Saber and Koani had gone off together, so it had been reported. Neither of them came back - alive. Saber's lifeless body was later returned to Ramath-lehi. Koani's was never found. Seven Ramathian years passed, and the rapine invasion of Earth occurred. Once again everything was stripped. But out of all that death came Koani. She said that she had been captured seven years prior... Jaceen thought of this as complete bullshit, but didn't dare voice her opinion. She had a good enough life and a comfortable job, even if it was without Saber. Not something that she wanted to risk. She still can't help but feel a little bit of resentment toward Koani though. She blamed her for her brother's death. Somehow she felt that she was responsible... but Jaceen, being who she is, just can't seem to hold a grudge.


    Often has a small illusionary red and black butterfly following her around.

    Former Suppressor

    Was conscripted by the government during the Flux.

    Janardan Academy

    Lives on the Janardan campus in Swaraj.
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