Illusionary Performance Artist


Primary Trade:
Dancing, Apprentice
Secondary Trade:
Fighting, Apprentice

Out of Character


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Hima Zendyre

  • Agile
  • Graceful
  • Ingratiating
  • Lithe
  • Nimble
  • Observant
  • Shy
  • Description

    My name is Hima Zendyre. I am a male Lukuo, bred from both a Lukuo and a Yki. And as such, am not part of an Yki Tribe, but I do have the fur coat features from that side of the family. My Lukuo parent was born with more bird-like features, of which transferred to me. The downy and the fur have combined apparently for me and my siblings. Though I was born with a green coat. I'm the second born of three. My younger sister has a white coat and my older brother also got a white coat. They must have inherited my Yki father's coat. I've also got no wings. Because of my being born with a lack of wings, my family insisted I get schooled in martial arts for self defense and because I liked dancing, sent me to a dancing school. The only problem was was that I WOULD NOT dance to any music that most schools supplied. That is until I heard a most pleasing, to me, sound. It was a form of music that my peers would generally avoid. Not me. This kind of music that i will dance to is called trance. This isn't just any kind of trance, but psytrance. This kind of music is the stuff that bounces around in your head. It is also usually progressive, meaning that it doesn't get really interesting till at least one to two minutes in.

    It was around my eighth Hatching that my parents learned that I have some skill using magic. They learned about it when I was only daydreaming. What I didn't notice but they did was that I was putting forth my daydream in an illusory work. Sure it was sketchy at first, but aren't all dreams like that?

    I'll edit this before I actually join.
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