Primary Trade:
Dark Sorcery, Master
Secondary Trade:
Tattoo Artistry, Master

Out of Character


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Heath Hughes

  • Alert
  • Brawny
  • Commanding
  • Determined
  • Feral
  • Intimidating
  • Violent
  • Description

    Not amongst the giants of Ramath-Iehi, Heath holds is own standing in at five feet and eleven inches tall. Dominating in appearance despite his average height, lean muscle ripples underneath his mainly dull blue coat. Broad shoulders and a rather thick neck covered in medium length fur with average size ears. His ears are also tipped in a darker blue with the tops inked in the same neon blue of his hair and black interior. Overtop his shoulders within the same dark blue are ‘panda’ markings, covering the both his arms until they reach his hands which are black with blue lining the bottoms of his fingers and palm.

    The dark blue continues down his spine, gradually thinning out until disappearing near his curled tail tipped at the very end with dark blue and outlined in neon blue – this is, however, is covered due to his flame. His flame is typically silver in color – mimicking the color of his eyes. Starting at the top of his head is a messy clump of neon blue hair – medium if not a tad long in length and very thick – it descends from his head down along his spine, thinning as it nears closer towards his tail similar to his dark blue marking. Underneath both of his eyes are dark blue half-circles with black overtop. Along with this, he has a tribal marking characteristic of the Hughes family under his right eye.

    His muzzle gradually fades to dark blue whilst his nose is pink speckled with black splotches, along with his paw-pads and tongue. He usually wears a pair of baggy jeans and a hoodie.


    Antisocial may be an understatement. Heath is a reserved character. It’s an accomplishment in itself for him to speak a sentence in more than one breath let alone many. He quietly stalks within the shadows, keeping to himself for the most part whilst avoiding whatever socialization he can. Though once dragged within certain situations, Heath can become either quite the shy – awkward – guy or a monster no one knew lurked the streets. Usually the former due to his short temperament, lack of understanding around others and impatience, Heath learned throughout the years to speak with not his mouth but his fists. Led by fright and the constant need to be within control of himself, he is rather dominant, not taking well to those whom are also dominant in personality.


    Whilst a skilled sorcerer, a curse plagues the Hughes child – he is a Vampdragon.
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