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feminine (female)


Primary Trade:
Astrology, Apprentice
Secondary Trade:
Music, Apprentice

Out of Character


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Giaëmha Elanril

BACKKKKK, I just got done redrawing her picture, and creating a backround info on her! Aug 2, 2015
  • Creative
  • Friendly
  • Patient
  • Puny
  • Rational
  • Seductive
  • Shy
  • Description

    Height: 6'7"
    Weight: 153 lbs
    Likes: ~Stars, the Color Red, and Mapping land, sky, and space.
    Dislikes/weakness/fears: ~Afraid of Animals, Being Dirty/Dirt, and Afraid of Deep Water.

    Hair: Blue
    Skin: Blue with Purple markings.
    Eyes: Amethyst

    She tends to talk, ALOT, once she is comfortable with the people around her, and you can tell if she doesn't like you due to either mocking you or trying to make you angry. But when she likes you she'll tease you and joke around with you, but when she becomes seductive its usually a different experience for each person. She's forgetful when it comes to remembering things about people like time, names, and even things you already talked about.

    She has few friends since she moved form her birth-town Akkarhelm to Shirrahk in hopes to finding her dream job as a meteorologist. Her Career choice was influenced by her deceased Aunt, who loved to sit outside under the stars with her as a pup and point out the names of each one including the moons. She was bullied in school because everyone didn't find her job accomplishing nor important to today's society, she's suffered emotionally from that.

    ...Coming Soon...
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