Healer and crystal grower/seller


Primary Trade:
Healing, Journeyman
Secondary Trade:
Medicine, Journeyman

Out of Character


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Feyyore Dra'skir

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    Physical Description

    Fey is deep purple almost black 'dragon, he is 6 foot .he has purple long thin braids on either side of forehead another one behind each ear and a long pony tail that reaches his hunches. his bright purple eyes seem to show an understanding of oneself.

    His deep almost black purple fur has no markings, not even a tattoo to show his personality. He has a lighter purple tail flame. and has no wings. He always has a very relaxed look on his face. He has a thin and long tail. He has black retractable claws. He can alternate between biped and quad form without any trouble and fairly quickly but prefers to stay biped most of the time.

    He doesn't usually wear much. Just a pair of baggy jeans along with his mass of crystal bands and jewellery. He also never wears shoes or even a coat no matter the weather, fore he does not notice things like that.


    Ever since he existed Fey had been a gentle person who had been used to being used for help. Often he was seen as a weak person, too nice to survive in such a harsh world where the strong or sneaky can make it to the top. Still He carries on being the typical nice guy he is ignoring those who hurt others. Fey has always been a pacifist since he first realized his beliefs had a name. Because of this he always wanted to be a healer but not those arrogant aristocrats. A natural healer and acupuncturist a much more right way to go. Fey has been able to use crystals for healing since he was five and so due to this his general feelings is to help whenever possible. He argued with his parents mostly his step father so he wants to prove him wrong that he is not lazy and a slob.

    He argued a lot with his step father who was to be frank an arse hole that spouts venomous insults at anyone and anything. From the familial unrest Fey never got his tattoo which symbolises his personality. His mother could only agree with him because he had a monopoly over her. His brother was even worse with "the dad" so eventually fey broke his pacifist ways for one day enough time for something painful to happen so they plotted to kill him for the good of the family , they poisoned him and the brothers felt glad when the doctors came they said it was a natural death just as they had planned. Fey still feels the needs prove him wrong. After the whole episode he decided to go into healing ironically.

    Feyyore owns a small clinic and bungalow in Gronvint. The clinic has a crystal shop to one side though these are bought or commission made by richer 'dragons or electronics companies. His clinic named after his love of crystals the Crystalline clinic. Behind next door to the clinic is his home. A moderately sized bungalow. (Shall flush all this out at another time.)

    His ability to use crystals as a tool for various magic's which are all designed for defensive or helping the user. These include emotional control, astral projection, protection from non-physical attacks, etc... not even Fey knows just what the extent of the uses for various crystals. Mostly he uses these crystals to aid in healing. Over the years he's learned how to make his own using both magic and a little tech. Requiring a little of the desired gem to do so.

    Crystal research
    Feyyore is currently researching crystals. Their ability to store magicka as what appears to be an overflow storage system the planet has. This research is ongoing, paid by the Adament Empire.
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