Field Researcher/ Botany Professor at Janardan


Primary Trade:
Biology, Master
Secondary Trade:
Botany, Master

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Feona Vamatki

I am overwhelmed by the success of my last foray. With so many unidentified specimens to catalogue, I'm not sure where I'm going to find the time to mark papers. Dec 21, 2012
  • Alluring
  • Dexterous
  • Knowledgeable
  • Observant
  • Rational
  • Reflective
  • Shy
  • Description

    Typical of her race, Feona is of small stature with slender features; exaggerated as she wears a thin pelt in the warm climate where she resides. Unlike other yki, she is frail, her energy spent more on thought than movement. Her coat is the typical white, with a faint ghostly dusting of sable along the upper seam; from her dark brown nose, along her head, and down the length of her spine. Darker brown tips her muzzle, ears and tail. She wears her large triangular ears folded, pulled back and tucked into her hair, which grown shoulder-length and cut sharp across at her brow, is carefully dyed and maintained in serious business black. Her eyes contrast a vivid pale blue.

    She has a certain grace about her, an illusion based on movements and carriage. It is carried further still as she is always dressed simple in styles which flatter: jewelry-less and in a formal knee-length black skirt topped with an over-sized grey sweater, a thin-strapped neutral tank top and black twill pants, or a plain black dress. This, or the ubiquitous white lab coat, exclusive to work. Her pale eyes are near-sighted, although she often opts not to wear her square-lenses, black-rimmed glasses in public. This is not an act of vanity, but rather because being unaware of her surroundings is the way in which she prefers to operate. This adds still to the illusion of grace a degree of confidence, as she moves carefully, deliberately, and rarely responds to the goings-on of her environment.

    In truth, she is socially defective. Undiagnosed, but unable to comprehend and empathize properly with the people around her, she instead turns her mind internal to focus on science, which her rational mind naturally grasps. Her family, third-generation immigrants to Swaraj with broken ties to yki culture, were the hardworking lower class who sought and saved to ensure their only child recieved proper eduction when her obsessive interests became apparent. She was enrolled at a young age and, with none of the usual distractions of relationships and social events to veer her away from diligent studies, she rapidly advanced beyond her peers. Knowing little else beyond academia, she slipped into the role of botany professor at Janardan Academy. In her free time, with funding from the Academy and various other sources, she indulges a passion for reasearching the endless lush flora and fauna of the Vivuli and neighbors.
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