feminine (male)


Primary Trade:
Biokinesis, Master
Secondary Trade:
Cartography, Master

Out of Character


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Farha Tsufal

  • Disciplined
  • Expressive
  • Feisty
  • Friendly
  • Robust
  • Tough
  • Vain
  • Description

    Farha is a strong, broad figure of an Yki, his genetics blessing him with size and strength unusual for the males of his species. He often reads as female to other Yki at first glance: stout-bodied, legs corded with muscle, his build doesn't give the impression of someone to tangle with lightly. The effect is only slightly softened by his thick, wiry outer coat, snow white, which lends a little pleasant softness to an otherwise defined form. His fur has the distinctive, slightly oily sheen of an Ekavyz sailor.

    Farha's hair and markings stand out vividly against his white coat, the red-orange of a sky as fires burn in the distance. His hair is long, left loose to cover his vulnerable ears. He's only pulled it back enough to allow a riot of beads to be threaded through it, little glints of blue or green or amber or jet black occasionally making themselves seen amongst the thick locks. His markings zig-zag across his sides and back in long, almost unbroken stripes, with additional rings around his legs and tail. They break up across his neck until, on his face, they appear only as dots and small splashes of colour.

    His tattoos weave artfully around the markings on his face so that the markings themselves seem to accent the tattoos. They dip and swell like the movement of waves or currents of air, and the dark lines grow thicker and closer together across his muzzle, cheeks and between his eyes, drawing the observer's attention to the fine slope of his brow. The lines come together near the top of his skull.


    He travels, a lot. And he likes to talk about it.
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