Primary Trade:
Acrobatics, Basic
Secondary Trade:
Dancing, Basic

Out of Character


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Falm E265

  • Determined
  • Expressive
  • Graceful
  • Lithe
  • Rational
  • Tireless
  • Whimsical
  • Description


    Mother: Vjauc E13

    Sibling: Beim E264


    Falm's fur is soft and dark green in color, covering the baby from head to toe in short, silky strands. Covering her body are bursts and swirls of a brighter, softer green, as well as soft violet, the color of her mother. Her muzzle, throat and belly are soft yellow-gold, the color continuing on the fins between her fingers and toes, on her tail and on her wings. Her eyes are the same pale blue as her mother, and pupiless, rendering her blind. Falm also has a shock of soft yellow hair on top of her head, often falling into her eyes. She shifts her gender often, but doesn't seem to mind being referred to as a girl in either form. Falm is, at the moment, a small child, barely a year old, and will probably always remain small and delicate, taking after her unknown father. Her attitude, however, will be anything but.


    Falm isn't much of anything currently, but when she grows up--and can do more than crawl--she will be as fiercely determined and outspoken as her mother was when she was young. Falm is, even at her young age, a dreamer; tales of princesses and handsome princes, mighty ravines falling at the hands of a charming hero; all are dreams of hers. She wants to be locked up in a tower guarded by a fierce beast and be rescued by a valiant knight. Deep down she knows these dreams will never come into being, but she knows she can dream, and dream she does. When she's not in fantasy-land, Falm is very down-to-earth and rational, thinking things through and planning out her days before she gets up in the morning. When things don't go according to plan, she keeps a level head, and adapts to the situation; she's flexible.


    Not much has happened to Falm in her short life; she's cared for by the circus her mother once worked for, though she'll grow up without Vjauc due to her mother dying when she laid the eggs containing her two children. Vjauc was sickly before then, and the children just put too much strain on her body. Falm will take after her mother when she grows up, and become an acrobat in the circus; as a tribute to her mother.
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